10 Cool Building Signage Projects Mesh Direct Has Worked On

  • Date07 December 2021
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At Mesh Direct, we get really excited about signage. Especially building signage, which is always fun to design because it communicates so much about a client’s business identity. We get to focus on eye-catching visual storytelling and precise, perfect function, which is exactly what we’re good at! Here’s a quick run-down of the basics of building signage, and a round-up of 10 cool building signage projects we’ve worked on, so you can get some inspiration for your own. 

What is Building Signage?

Building signs straddle the line between signage and marketing. Placed on the exterior of buildings, construction sites, events and places of business, building signs are usually the first interaction a customer has with your brand. As such, they play a central role in creating a positive client experience, branding your building, and making sure you’re a big player in the competition for customers and employees. They also perform the practical function of providing clarity and context for your visitors, guiding them into and across the space for a seamless and satisfying experience. 

Building signage comes in many shapes and sizes. From building wraps to banners, jump form to window wraps, and so much more, there’s a sign for every project and every brand. Choosing and designing the right signage for you is central to projecting the right image, attracting the right clients, and making sure they come back. 

What Building Signage Can Do for Your Branding

Building signage is so much more than just providing security for your site and staff. It’s your first impression. It’s a 24/7 salesperson. It’s public relations. It’s your hook, and your glue. Building signage gives your business a distinct, unique spatial identity. This identity is what will attract your ideal audience. It’s a major part of your broader corporate image, where all your marketing strategies come together to communicate who you are as a business. 

Building signs are a visual communication tool you can use to project the image you need and attract the customers you want. Everything from the graphics, the colours, and the words, to the location and type of sign, speaks volumes about your business.  

This means building signage isn’t a last-minute add-on to your overall business plan. It should be a central pillar of your business strategy from the very start: when you’re brainstorming who you are as a brand, you need to plan how you’ll communicate that visually. Which font will you use? What’s your tagline? Which colours represent you? How should clients feel when they look at your signs and when they enter your business? These are tricky questions that require creative thinking and strong communication with your people and your designers. 

Mesh Direct have a specialised in-house design team to help you represent your business. We design signage that does all the work! Over the past decade, we’ve collaborated with many businesses to create the perfect building signs for their brand. Here’s a round-up of our ten favourite projects and the clients who trusted us to make it happen! 

10 Cool Building Signage Ideas for your Project

building signage building wraps

1 – Building Wraps

Building wraps are most often used on large-scale development sites to distract passers-by and clients from the unsightly chaos of construction. In this sense, they’re very much a blank canvas – a massive blank canvas! There’s no limit to the size and scale of building wraps, so they’re the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand, your company, and your project, in a big way. The more creative you get with your building wraps, the more bang you get for your buck! More than simply concealing the site, they communicate who you are, what you’re capable of, and attract potential clients. 

When IB Projects reached out to Mesh Direct for advice on their Mayfair development in St Kilda, Melbourne, we jumped at the chance to work on such a challenging project. The massive scale of the development required an equally massive building wrap, and the ambitious graphics only added to the complexity of the install. The result is an eye-catching, inspiring, and really quite stunning building wrap that gave passers-by something to dream about and aspire to. Learn more about the project here!

2 – Premium Banner Mesh

Banner mesh is one of the best substrates for building signage, and premium banner mesh is even better. With stunning print reproduction and unbeatable wind-flow, this fully customisable signage solution is also UV stabilised, protecting it from the elements so it keeps its good looks. Premium banner mesh is the best way to show off your stunning graphics and promote your business all year round. 

Museums Victoria definitely got the memo about premium banner mesh, and with our help, they knew just how to use it to their best advantage. While waiting for their amazing rooftop deck on the Royal Exhibition Building to be finished, they wanted to create something extraordinary to show the public rather than the eyesore that temporary scaffolding can be. Together, we designed a 26m tall reproduction of the Sylph of Spring to adorn the facade, carefully printed on our premium banner mesh. Check out this gorgeous install here.

3 – Jumpform Signage

Jumpform signage is a developer’s best friend. It’s usually one of the first structures to go up on a high-rise, large-scale development. It continues to climb up as the building grows, so it’s the last thing to come down as well! Beyond the safety and security functions it performs, jumpform is a massive, long-lasting canvas for all your marketing needs. The vinyl material we use for our jumpform signage has a high-quality print surface, and the PVC coating ensures a fade-resistant finish. So this marketing magic will make you look good for the entire duration of the project!

Our long-term and exclusive client Roberts Pizzarotti made the most of their jumpform for the Royal North Shore Health Hub project. We helped them design and install multiple jumpform faces that highlighted their collaboration with Dexus and put the company front and centre. The signage draws the eye from miles away and guarantees broad brand visibility for Roberts Pizzarotti. Learn more about this project here.

4 – Vinyl Signage

The photo-quality finish produced by vinyl signage makes vinyl the ideal medium to show off your brand in any form. In shopping centres, outside places of business, or at events, vinyl is sure to help you stand out from the crowd in the best way. Incredibly durable and completely UV stabilised, vinyl signage also keeps its good looks for longer than most, and it’s a substrate that meets City of Sydney hoarding requirements because of its print quality and durability.

When ICON reached out to Mesh Direct for some vinyl hoarding on their Harrington Street development, we couldn’t have predicted the impossible angles and exciting journey we’d go on. Vinyl was the perfect substrate to handle the complex and elaborate graphics across unusual and impractical angles. ICON really made the most of vinyl’s print quality and versatility, displaying gorgeous marketing images across the site’s perimeter – check them out here

5 – Self-Adhesive Vinyl

At the most basic level, self-adhesive vinyl, or SAV, is a very large sticker. It can be applied to any smooth surface, such as windows, glass, or walls, so it’s got massive potential when it comes to visibility and reach! Passers-by literally can’t avoid it. SAV is most commonly seen on storefronts or in display rooms, and its main advantage is that it’s super easy to apply and just as easy to remove. In fact, it can be applied, removed, and re-installed for up to five years! Beyond this, it offers a bright and vibrant print quality that creates immersive and intimate experiences for passers-by. 

GeoCon was onto something when they asked us for SAV to brand and advertise their developments in Belconnen. To spice up their display centre, they asked us to wrap the windows in eye-catching and immersive prints which would give viewers a glimpse into the life GeoCon was offering. This technical install, requiring graphics to be lined up across multiple (and moving!) surfaces, resulted in some striking visual storytelling to entice visitors. Check it out here

6 – Banner Mesh Fence Panels

Fence panels are a great signage solution because they have the versatility to be positioned, transported, and re-positioned quickly and easily in response to the changing needs of your event or development site. Banner mesh fence panels have the added advantage of high print reproduction, PVC coating, and UV stabilisation, as well as amazing wind-through properties. Design each panel individually, or combine panels to create larger signs – the world is your signage oyster! 

Ultima Building Group chose to use banner mesh panels instead of a continuous roll for these exact reasons. Our in-house design team collaborated closely with Ultima to create the perfect panels which could be moved with the fence or easily stored for future use. See how we hit the nail on the head here

7 – Crowd Control Barriers and Banners

Often used at events or large venues, Crowd Control Banners (CCBs) are the perfect blend of form and function. They guide the movements of spectators or guests, organise the direction of foot traffic and queues, and clearly delineate restricted or out-of-bounds areas. All the while, they’re an amazing blank marketing canvas that people literally can’t avoid! When you make the most of CCBs as marketing opportunities, you can get your graphics in close and cosy with your audience.

CBRE, one of Australia’s largest capital advisers, teamed up with Mesh Direct to design the perfect CCBs for their Winter Solstice event at Darling Harbour (Sydney). With gorgeous graphics printed on our trademark polyester stretch banners, CBRE took centre stage and shone bright! Check out this project here

8 – Container Signage

Containers can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to marketing and advertising. But beyond being highly practical and useful, containers are ubiquitous in development or construction projects and offer a perfect, 3D blank canvas. They also have the added advantage that they can be placed almost anywhere, guaranteeing optimal exposure for your brand. To this end, container signage is ideal for making the most of this opportunity! Customisable to any shape and size, container signage is easy to install and highly durable once it’s up. If you’re not embracing it yet, you’re missing out! 

Creation Homes didn’t miss a beat when creating their marketing strategy. Despite plenty of pandemic-related setbacks, we teamed up to wrap their container in our classic vinyl wrap, ensuring the graphics stood out amidst the organised chaos of construction for the whole duration of the development. Have a closer look here!

9- Vinyl Display Sheds

Display sheds are there to attract visitors and convince them you’ve got what’s best for them. That’s where we’ve got your back! Our team of experts are here to turn your creative ideas into a stunning showcase for your display shed, with a high-impact, minimal maintenance branding solution. Make the most of your space with high print quality, high durability, waterproof signage! 

JWLand reached out to us for a collaboration on their Watson ACT display shed. We used our trusty self-adhesive vinyl to transform their shed into an enticing display for clients and visitors, creating the perfect environment to advertise their brand, their project, and the future they’re creating. Check it out here!

Leda holdings wind mesh banners

10 – Wind Mesh

Branding on a budget? Wind mesh is your solution! A cost-effective option that nonetheless doesn’t compromise on print quality and durability, wind mesh is ideal for outdoor signage in windy areas. It’s available in custom printed rolls which means your branding will stand out without breaking the bank. 

When Leda Holdings were experiencing exceptionally high winds at their Minchinbury site, they asked Mesh Direct to come up with a branded solution to their weather problems. Wind mesh was the answer! As well as creating a safe environment for staff, the high print quality created a picturesque panorama and guaranteed the site would continue to operate no matter the weather. Check it out in more detail here

Get in Touch!

Feeling inspired? Get in touch! We’re here if you have any questions, queries, or would simply like to discuss the best signage option for your project. 

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