Construction Site Safety Signs

Our safety signs, printed on a hardwearing and waterproof corflute substrate, provide the lasting impact you need when complying with health and safety regulations.

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01 Product usage

Construction site safety signs are essential on any working site where visitors need to follow strict security regulations. They are used for:

  • Health & Safety messaging
  • Site safety signs
  • Warning and danger signs
  • Construction
  • Government and infrastructure projects
  • Festivals
02 Product Benefits

We provide modern construction sites with a wide variety of signs to keep employees, contractors and visitors safe whilst on site. As each site is unique, so too is the signage they need. Our team can print a range of different sizes, styles and colours as needed to keep your site within the relevant standards.

What Are the Safety Signs?

Construction Safety Signs are 5mm corflute signs which comply with Australian safety standards. They are available in set sizes with or without eyelets. Mesh Direct offers a wide variety of safety signs, all of which can be customised with your company logo. Shop the range on our online store.

How Many Types of Safety Signs Are There?

Mesh Direct offers a wide variety of safety signs including: construction site safety signs, social distancing safety stickers, screens and barriers. In terms of construction sign safety types, there are 5 main categories: prohibition signs, mandatory signs, danger signs, warning signs and emergency information signs. View the extensive range on our online store.

Why Are Safety Signs Important?

Safety signs areextremely important given the dangerous working conditions on construction sites. They are an essential communication tool proving important information to workers and visitors alike.

Is a Construction Sign a Warning Sign?

Mesh Direct offers 5 main types of safety signs: prohibition signs, mandatory signs, danger signs, warning signs and emergency information signs. Warning signs help ensure caution to those on-site.

Technical info
Suitability for High Winds
Print Quality
Ideal for windy areas


Corflute can be trimmed and cut into any size or shape, which means it is highly customisable and can be adapted to meet the needs of any site or project.

Easy Signage Installation

Easy installation

Corflute is a rigid, flat substrate which can be installed on practically any structure, including walls, fences and hoarding using adhesive tape, glue, screws or nails.

Print quality and durability guarantee


The Mesh Direct corflute is a lightweight, versatile option for those looking for a simple safety signage solution.

Easy Signage Installation


Designed to be used in the outside environment, corflute signage is built to withstand the elements and will remain effective for medium-term projects.

Meets Australian building standards

Meets building standards

Our site signage solutions are compliant with all Australian health and safety laws and regulations.

100% Carbon Neutral Signage

We are committed to a more sustainable future. This is why we are proud to be Australia's first 100% carbon neutral signage company. We've partnered with Carbon Neutral to offset every single signage purchase at no extra cost to you.

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