Doing our bit.
100% carbon neutral signage.

Rising carbon dioxide (and equivalent) – CO2e – levels are a leading cause of climate change.

The signage industry is pretty harsh on the environment. We’re doing our bit to change that.

Being carbon neutral means our net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero. Any CO2e you emit is cancelled out by a process called offsetting – which means we support the amazing projects that reduce global CO2e emissions, like regenerating precious forest.

We are committed to a more sustainable future. This is why we are proud to be a 100% carbon neutral signage company.

How do we offset?

The maths bit.

We have calculated the highest amount of carbon that could be generated by any signage purchase. The result is known as a carbon yield number. Using this number as a guide, we use each purchase to fund sustainability projects managed by Carbon Neutral.

The good bit.

This partnership enables us to support genuinely world-changing initiatives dedicated to preserving and regenerating natural ecosystems. By doing so, we’re ensuring that all signage has a net carbon footprint of zero. And we mean absolute zero.

How can you get involved?

The future is in your hands! Every year, we give you the chance to vote on which projects will offset Mesh Direct's carbon emissions over the next 12 months.

Our impact Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor

Carbon Neutral aims to create a 200km long green corridor from inland all the way to the coast. The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor will reconnect remnant vegetation with 12 nature reserves across a 10,000km2 area - one of only 35 biodiversity hotspots around the world.

Mixed species indigenous to the region are grown on degraded land in the northern Wheatbelt of Southwest Australia to revegetate the landscape and restore habitats.

Revegetating the landscape with native trees and shrubs encourages wildlife to return while simultaneously removing carbon from the atmosphere.

The primary objective of the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor project is to sequester and store carbon for 100 years, which will neutralise some of the excess greenhouse gases that have already been emitted since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Over the project’s life, it is expected that more than 1million tonnes of CO2e will have been sequestered by the trees already in the ground.

Fortaleza Ituxi ProjectAmazon Rainforest Brazil

Shifting gears slightly, the second project we are supporting is on the other side of the world located near the ‘Arc of Deforestation’ in the Amazon Biome. The Fortaleza Ituxi Project aims to protect forests in the Amazon that have been decimated by the expansion of agriculture and cattle ranching.

Illegal land grabs & the sale of land to private investors has put forests in this region under intense pressure. Not to mention the construction of roads & infrastructure which continually damage local ecosystems.

Our contribution to this project will help prevent the deforestation of 5,391.6 hectares over 30-years. That’s about the size of the Sydney harbour! How exactly will this be done? In order to regenerate forests & stop any future deforestation, the goals of this project are three-fold: surveillance, education & investment.

Investment into improved security & surveillance in the area will ensure this unique biosphere is protected. Training & educating local communities will improve both knowledge & efforts to rebuild the region’s forests. Lastly, investment into local businesses, like fire brigades & timber processing plants, will lay the foundation for the region to flourish for years to come.

“We are excited to partner with Carbon Neutral to combat climate change in Australia and New Zealand. The signage industry is pretty harsh on the environment and we want to do our bit to change that and promote Mesh Direct’s pioneering values. We look forward to sharing this journey with our customers.” Andrew Doenicke, Director.

Next Steps

Looking back, we were a little naive about the efforts required to achieve carbon neutrality. Turns out it was much more complicated than we initially thought! Having said that, it has been an extremely rewarding process & we are ready to think about what's next. We are now in a position to think about how we can reduce our emissions and further commit to a more sustainable future.

  • Lay the foundation and lead the way in the signage industry across Australia and New Zealand.
  • Continually invest in new technologies and materials that will contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Aim to have a carbon neutral supply chain by 2025.
  • Develop a recycling collection scheme in order to reuse and repurpose signage.
  • Continuously nurture our in-house culture and values which champion sustainability.
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