City of Sydney: Signage Requirements for your Construction Sites

  • Date12 September 2018
  • Reading time 2 mins read

Sydney is a beautiful city. But like any bustling metropolis, there are also a lot of rules and regulations when it comes to your construction site and the kinds of signage you use. Don’t get tangled up in the red tape. Here at Mesh Direct, we have plenty of experience in erecting quality signage that suits city regulations. Read on to see what’s right for your construction site.

Historical hoarding

When working on a heritage listed building, you are required to use historical images on any temporary scaffolding or banners. The good news is the council will provide you with a template that you can apply to your designs to make complying easy. Don’t be handcuffed to the council’s selected images. Any images you have of the area that have cultural or historical relevance can be submitted for approval. After you have chosen your images, our team at Mesh Direct can handle the rest, ensuring the copies are printed in high quality on a durable vinyl banner.

Site works

In an initiative to share the work of some of Sydney’s great artists, the council have curated a pool of amazing works that are available for your construction site. The artwork that you can choose will depend on the City of Sydney’s requirements, and then we can take that off your hands and print the artwork to suit your construction site. You’ll have a visually appealing construction site that will conceal your site scaffolding.

Vinyl hoarding

Vinyl is the common acceptable substrate by the City of Sydney for construction site signage. Incredibly durable, vinyl won’t quickly fade in the weather conditions and will produce a vibrant print quality. It’s great for concealing any construction site!


Do you want to discuss further how you can comply with council regulation and have a dynamic looking construction site? Talk to our signage experts on 1300 368 978.

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