CBRE: Sydney Solstice

  • Date09 August 2021
  • Reading time 2 mins read

CBRE is one of Australia’s largest capital advisers, helping countless Australians to successfully manage their investments. So when they reached out to Mesh Direct for their Winter Solstice crowd-control banners, we jumped to the occasion! The Winter Solstice event at Darling Harbour was part of Sydney Solstice, a Destination NSW initiative presenting 10 days of food, beverages, music and arts events in four precincts across the city. The gorgeous event brought thousands of people together and celebrated what a truly vibrant city Sydney is, and we were more than happy to play our part.

crowd-control banners

The Challenge
Tight turnarounds and tighter deadlines were the key features of this particular project, but Mesh Direct rose to the challenge! Our wonderful advisers and managers remained flexible and goal-orientated throughout, meaning that, despite some hiccups with receiving the artwork and logo, and the possibility of cancelling the job, the signage was printed and installed by the delivery date. Teamwork really makes the dream work!

The Product
For this exciting project, Mesh Direct chose to use polyester stretch banners. This lightweight and durable material is ideal for outdoor use, with good airflow and high print quality. While crowd-control banners may be necessary, there’s no reason they can’t also be pretty!

The Result
CBRE couldn’t be happier with the result! In their own words: “The guys at Mesh Direct always provide us with great service and premium quality products. (…) We would always come to Mesh Direct for any event signage solution.”

The crowd-control banners looked amazing and did their job, contributing to an all-around stunning and memorable event. We’re always happy to celebrate Sydney!

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