Boost Your Outdoor Advertising with Banner Mesh

Despite having been around for centuries, outdoor advertising remains one of the most powerful ways to boost your branding. A well-designed banner, whether at an event or protecting a construction site, has a massive impact on your audience, and an equally significant impact on your returns! It consequently remains the ideal way to increase your … Continued

Make your fence mesh stand out for the right reasons

Fence mesh is a popular signage option for a range of our clients who work in construction, retail and real estate. Installing banner mesh on to a fence can be a cost effective and simple option to enhance your advertising to your target market. The aim is always to create a compelling, stand out mesh … Continued

Our top 3 signage solutions for short-term construction projects

No matter how long or short the construction project is, signage is a must, whether that be in the form of banner mesh or vinyl hoardings. It is crucial that your construction signage is visually appealing and adequately conceals the often unsightly appearance of the construction work going on. Mesh Direct offers a range of … Continued

5 Mesh Banner Design Fails to Avoida

Here at Mesh Direct, we’re passionate about mesh banner design and the artwork our customers send to print. Your banner represents you and your company, and so it needs to do your brand justice to your target audience. That’s why we’ve put together these 5 mesh banner design fails to avoid when creating your artwork … Continued

Fence Signage: 3 Affordable Options for your Business

If there’s one thing we’re incredibly passionate here at Mesh Direct, it’s making sure the fence signage suits our clients’ needs. We understand that running a business, whether you’re in construction or development, is a costly exercise, and that budgets are often at the forefront of business owners’ minds. Mesh Direct have worked incredibly hard over … Continued

Printed Shade Cloth: Your Budget Friendly Solution

This post delves into the affordable and practical nature of Printed Shade Cloth at Mesh Direct. When it comes to creating effective printed signage, most businesses have one thing in common: budgets. Unfortunately, budgets rule the majority of our business decisions, including what we’re able to print! Luckily, Mesh Direct offers plenty of options for … Continued

Gaining Exposure Far and Wide with Great Event and Festival Signage

Festivals and events in general present a monumental opportunity for organisers and sponsors to share their message and promote their brand. These events often see tens of thousands of people congregate to a small enclosed space with fencing and crowd control barriers placed as far as the eye can see. With all these potential marketing … Continued