Make your fence mesh stand out for the right reasons

  • Date23 May 2018
  • Reading time 3 mins read

Fence mesh is a popular signage option for a range of our clients who work in construction, retail and real estate. Installing banner mesh on to a fence can be a cost effective and simple option to enhance your advertising to your target market. The aim is always to create a compelling, stand out mesh banner that will attract the right attention, but this can sometimes attract the wrong attention. We list the benefits of fence mesh and key factors to avoid so that you can maximise your advertising potential using this substrate.

Advantages of fence mesh

Cost effective

The cost efficiency and practicality of fence mesh is unparalleled and is great for use on short-term construction projects or any project using temporary fencing. If the fence mesh is properly maintained, this advertising can be reused and save you in further advertising costs. Compared to other advertising mediums and their associated costs, it’s hard to beat the price of using fence mesh.

Increases brand awareness

Fence mesh is powerful for increasing your brand awareness as it is there in place for any passerby to see. Placing your mesh panel in an area that is highly visible to passing traffic or is on a construction site in a busy area, people are bound to notice your branding. Ensure that you incorporate your logo on to your fence mesh so that people remember your brand.

High quality print reproduction

Our fence mesh is printed using high quality inks so that your branding will really stand out. Your fence mesh will be vibrant and outstanding for the duration of your project and will really make your fence look anything but boring. We produce individual mesh panels for your fence, which means you can play with contrasting colours to really make your branding stand out and create advertising that will be remembered!

Factors to avoid with fence mesh

Poor installation

It is crucial that your mesh fence panels are installed correctly so that your branding will stand out for the right reasons. The banner mesh doesn’t need to be the same size as your fence, as this can result in a baggy install and compromise the aesthetic appeal of your signage. Hence, for a 1.8m high fence, we usually recommend the mesh to be 1.6m to ensure a perfect install. Fitting your banner mesh with eyelets and using cable ties to secure it to the fence properly is an ideal way to install your signage. Alternatively, we have an installation team that can install your signage for you so as to optimise your advertising potential.


The unfortunate reality of outdoor advertising is that graffiti vandals can take aim at your signage and ruin your design. It is crucial to research the area in which you are planning to install your banner mesh to determine if your signage could fall victim to graffiti. However, there is a way to prevent this worry by using our anti-graffiti coating on our banner mesh. This will ensure your branding remains intact and stands out for the right reasons!


If you want to discuss how you can leverage your branding with our banner mesh fence panels, contact us on 1300 368 978.




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