Make your fence mesh stand out for the right reasons

Fence mesh is a popular signage option for a range of our clients who work in construction, retail and real estate. Installing banner mesh on to a fence can be a cost effective and simple option to enhance your advertising to your target market. The aim is always to create a compelling, stand out mesh … Continued

Do You Need Anti-Graffiti Treatment For Your Mesh Banner?

One of the unfortunate realities of utilising on-site signage solutions is that they can be exposed to the actions of passing vandals. It’s not uncommon, particularly in development areas to find graffiti sprayed across people’s temporary fence signage. While it’s incredibly unfair that our property gets damaged thanks to the selfish motives of others, measures … Continued

How to Create a USP for Your Construction Business

A USP (unique selling proposition) is the basis of effective marketing for any construction business, converting features of your company into key benefits that consumers will recognise. All aspects of your marketing system should pinpoint to your unique selling proposition; for customers to detect why you are different and better than the rest. Every business … Continued

Anti-Graffiti Coating: How to Protect Your Signage

Graffiti and tagging on banners, hoarding and billboards is an unfortunate reality these days. When you install a banner you might want to think about taking precautionary steps to limit your risks of the costly effects of vandalism. Graffiti vandals can strike anywhere at anytime, even in respectable areas where graffiti is rare. These pests use a … Continued