Our top 3 signage solutions for short-term construction projects

  • Date28 March 2018
  • Reading time 2 mins read

No matter how long or short the construction project is, signage is a must, whether that be in the form of banner mesh or vinyl hoardings. It is crucial that your construction signage is visually appealing and adequately conceals the often unsightly appearance of the construction work going on. Mesh Direct offers a range of signage options to suit budget conscious clients, as well as clients looking to make a standout advertising feature with their signage. We know that when it comes to picking signage for a short-term project, you don't want to purchase signage that will cost a fortune, yet you want it to look visually appealing for the duration of the project. We've compiled a list of our top three signage solutions to help make this process easier for your next construction project.


Standard Banner Mesh

Our standard banner mesh is great for covering fence panels, being installed on a hoarding or scaffolds. It is a budget-friendly substrate when compared to our premium banner mesh. Offering a great print quality, it will surely showcase your advertising design perfectly for a short-term project on a construction site. Better yet, it's fire retardant so you won't have to worry about the temperamental climate impacting your banner mesh design during your project.


Mesh Fence Panels

Our mesh fence panels are a versatile and customisable product that will suit your construction site needs. They can be easily manoeuvred around the site and you can be creative with your advertising design. Our graphic designers can work with you to ensure that your advertising will stand out and can help you you create a unique design for your mesh fence panels. If you're using temporary fencing for your short-term project, then this is a great option to conceal your construction site.


Printed Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is a permeable substrate, which allows wind flow to pass through it easily. It's budget friendly and ideal for advertising your business. This option is great for long run sites and can really make an impact whilst concealing the construction site.


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