How to Create a USP for Your Construction Business

  • Date01 November 2016
  • Reading time 3 mins read

A USP (unique selling proposition) is the basis of effective marketing for any construction business, converting features of your company into key benefits that consumers will recognise. All aspects of your marketing system should pinpoint to your unique selling proposition; for customers to detect why you are different and better than the rest. Every business can benefit from having a USP, particularly new business owners. USPs help clientele identify your company as a reliable and professional source, contributing to profit.

A clear and creative USP will establish your business as the go-to business as the go-to resource for your clients needs and should be advertised in your website or printed banners with and eye-catching, easy to follow design; including testimonials and relevant images of your work. This reinforces who you are and what you do, generating reviews and referrals that will potentially lead to loyal clients. Your USP is what drives your company and ultimately the success of the business. All based around differentiation, USP’s require a reflection overview and discussion.

Questions that you should ask yourself are:
1. What characteristics and values does my business offer to construct a USP?
2. What makes my business more valuable and visible than your competitors in this highly ambitious market?

Although, for consumers to really grasp the concept of your USP, converting the features into benefits is key. This way they will understand what your service or product does, but also what they will gain from it; creating a better customer client relationship, therefore generating a sales lead. One way of forming a USP is to research your competitors and identify what they have to offer. This could give you a useful insight into their attitudes, politics and priorities. It is healthy competition, allowing all businesses to create and distinguish their very own USP, leading to a competitive advantage and greater profitability.

One of the most harmful things for a new business owner is not proposing a unique and creative selling proposition to their target audience, and researching their competitors to try and achieve this. In these selling points, besides from the obvious – ‘What do you offer and why are you different?’, you should talk about different angles of customers possible concerns or questions. This way you are tackling the situation head on, giving them all the information they need. Promotional and price strategies are always going to be the most common in the competitive market. However, the quality of the product or service you are promoting allows you to have a huge advantage; this adheres to the recognition or product recall of the company. When your objectives are clear and concise, your primary mechanism for your USP should include all forms of advertising on social media, local papers, and outdoor advertising.

With a USP you can expect to see changes form both the external and internal structure of the company. Generating more leads, trust and loyalty from your customers as they believe you are the best person to provide them with what they need. Internal changes include, more confident and focused staff members, which leads to a better planning system.

Use your unique selling proposition effectively, consistently and you are sure to see the results.

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