Use All That Blank Space! How to Use Printed Shade Cloth for Advertising

  • Date03 June 2022
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What Are Printed Shade Cloths? 

Printed shade cloth, often referred to as ‘scrim’, is an affordable and valuable option for small and large businesses. It’s most commonly used in the construction industry to cover temporary fencing around unfinished development sites or one-off events. 

The best part is, that printed shade cloth has several benefits for just a fraction of the price of its more premium counterparts.

Our printed shade cloth is crafted from a permeable substrate, making it the ideal solution for your advertising and branding needs while on a budget. It’s built to withstand the harsh Australian weather and allows for wind to easily flow through.

Why Should I Purchase Printed Shade Cloth?

Although printed scrim is not mandatory for construction or development sites, most businesses or council projects consider them a must-have brand touchpoint.

We recommend printed shade cloth because it’s an extremely affordable option for advertising your business while concealing unfinished work and debris. In other words, if you’re actively trying to promote your business while accounting for corporate social responsibility, printed shade cloth will be your best friend!

Printed Shade Cloth for ProSpec

What Printed Shade Cloth Can Do For Your Business

Printed shade cloth is the most affordable and impactful solution to effectively advertise your business while on a worksite. Let’s take a closer look at (just some!) of the benefits: 

A Guaranteed Audience 

Rome wasn’t built in a day; projects take time. There’s a pretty good chance that your building, worksite or project can take as little as a few to several months to complete. Potentially hundreds of local and commuting foot traffic, passing vehicles, and public transport will see your site every day, so advertising while on the job is an easy bonus.

Eye-Catching & Front-of-Mind Advertising 

Even the most straightforward logo or design can set your business apart, making your business memorable when consumers and clients are looking for the services you offer.

Check out this blog post to find out 3 Reasons You Should Be Utilising Outdoor Advertising on your latest project.

Cost-Effective Advertising 

Printed shade cloth is the most cost-effective branded scrim solution for worksites with shorter durations. They can last for up to a year or more if well maintained, and perform the exact same duties as our other semi-permanent bannering options. It’s less bulky and is disposable after the project is done, meaning it won’t require as much work to store or dispose of. What’s not to love! 

Printed Shade Cloth

What Can Printed Shade Cloths be Used For? 

Our printed shade cloths can be used for various industries and purposes. Typical Mesh Direct customers use them for: 

  • – Budget-friendly yet vibrant branding and advertising
  • – Helping protect locals from dust and debris
  • – Large-scale developments and worksites
  • – Promoting events for festivals, sporting, schools or local communities
  • – Concealing and distracting passersby’s attention from construction
  • – Promoting and generating excitement about upcoming projects or retail business. 

In 2020, Mesh Direct worked directly with Leda Holdings in Minchinbury to mitigate the adverse weather and wind impact on-site. The printed shade cloth resulted in an affordable yet bold and memorable bannering solution. Check out the impactful print job we achieved on our blog.

What Are The Benefits of Mesh Direct’s Printed Shade Cloths? 

Mesh Direct’s printed shade cloths are purposefully built to last in harsh Australian climates, so you can rest easy knowing your signage won’t rip, sag or fall. Our shade cloth has 70% density, which means it maintains its great quality print while being suitable for windy weather. 

Durable  & Weather-Resistant 

We know how harsh the Australian climate can be, so all Mesh Direct products are built to be incredibly durable. Our printed shade cloths are able to withstand high winds and are made with UV stabilised inks to ensure your banner’s colour doesn’t fade for at least 12 months.

Meets Australian Building Standards 

As with all Mesh Direct products, our printed shade cloth fabric complies with all OH&S requirements under Australian building codes, laws and regulations. 

100% Carbon Neutral 

Here at Mesh Direct, we’re committed to a more sustainable future; that’s why we’re Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral signage company. 

We’ve partnered with Carbon Neutral to ensure our net carbon footprint is zero to help address the climate crisis. 

How does it work? A portion of every purchase goes towards Carbon Neutral’s world-changing sustainability initiatives, compensating for the carbon generated by signage production. Here at Mesh Direct, we give our customers the chance to vote on the initiatives to offset Mesh Direct’s carbon footprint. Your vote can shape the future! 

How To Install Printed Shade Cloths 

Our printed shade cloth is printed on large 50m rolls that come with reinforced knotted ‘button-hole’ eyelets at the top and bottom of the roll to ensure a secure installation.

Our shade cloth can be fixed to temporary fencing via cable ties, making the installation process quick and easy. Our professional team can install shade cloth on scaffolds, temporary fences, and chain wire fences while ensuring your design has excellent exposure customised to your site.

Printed Shade Cloth for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Our installers are professionals who have installed hundreds of banners and understand how each substrate will react to the environment it’s placed in.

You can trust our installation team to get the job done while you sit back and enjoy the results of your latest visual advertising investment.

Looking For Where to Buy Printed Shade Cloth Solutions?

Learn more about your options from our other blog posts, and feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your next project. 

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