Keep It Fresh! 3 Ways to Keep Banner Mesh Fresh

  • Date16 May 2022
  • Reading time 5 mins read

Our customer banner mesh is excellent for the changing needs of any construction site. 

Keeping your banner mesh in prime condition is often overlooked as a tedious and unnecessary task, but we beg to differ! The better care you take of your signage the longer it will last, therefore saving money and time in the long run. Once your project wraps up, simply pack up your banner mesh and reinstall it at your next site. What’s not to love? 

So, how do you keep your banner mesh fresh? Let’s discuss. 

What Is Banner Mesh? 

Banner Mesh is a form of ultra-flexible, durable signage that can be used for a number of practical and advertisement purposes, including on construction sites or for promoting events. 

Its benefits are comprehensive. From a practicality perspective, banner mesh is an ideal privacy solution for concealing construction or renovations from passersby. It may also help protect pedestrians from dust and debris. From an advertising perspective, it’s a fantastic way to promote the project or your business and generate excitement.

We offer a wide range, including wind mesh, polyester mesh, printed shade cloth, fencing scrim, anti-gawk screens, construction fence banner panels, nature screens, event mesh, and more. 

Our banner mesh is always built to withstand the elements, making it great for indoor and outdoor purposes. Various finishing options are available to suit your application and customised branding, including flame retardant and non-flame-retardant options. Not to mention, it always meets all Australian building standards, laws and regulations while maintaining extremely high print quality. We’ve got you. 

Do You Need To Clean Banner Mesh?

Yes, you do need to clean banner mesh. 

It certainly isn’t the most exciting task, but it is necessary for the longevity of your signage. The great part is it isn’t complex or expensive, and the more often you do it the easier it is. Believe us when we say you’ll be thanking your future self. 

Is Cleaning Banner Mesh Hard? 

Cleaning banner mesh is not hard, and will keep it fresh for years to come. 

We believe the simpler the better. Just wipe your signage down with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris, or use a gentle soap and water combination if it’s in need of extra TLC. This prevents damaging the digitally-printed fibres’ colour quality. 

The less you clean your banner mesh the more dust and debris builds up, making it harder to clean. Add this task to your weekly or monthly to-do list to avoid a time-consuming clean when your project wraps up and the signage needs to be stored. 

How To Keep Banner Mesh Fresh 

Keeping your banner mesh fresh involves more than just cleaning. To ensure your signage lasts as long as possible, we recommend choosing the right material for your needs, installing it properly, cleaning it regularly, and storing it safely. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Choose The Right Banner Mesh Material For Your Site

Choosing the right banner mesh material ensures long-term durability based on the weather conditions at your site or location. Because banner mesh can be used for such a wide variety of purposes – from fence panelling and building wraps to banners – it’s very important to take this into consideration.

For example, our wind mesh is the perfect signage solution for more exposed locations as its high-quality, wind-permeable material means your signage will work with the wind, rather than resisting to the point of tearing. Learn more about going with the flow here. 

On the other hand, our premium banner mesh still allows for wind-flow but is less suitable for high winds, and provides durability and stunning customisable print quality that’s ideal for event branding and fence panel signage. 

Install Properly 

The way you install your banner mesh increases its longevity. 

Mesh Direct banner mesh comes with the option for stainless steel eyelets that allows for easy installation using cable ties or rope. We recommend utilising eyelets for installation to prevent tearing the corners or edges of your mesh. They are spaced every 500mm at the top and every 1000mm at the bottom. 

Additionally, tying your mesh too tightly may cause stretching or distortion over time. It’s definitely tempting to tie it tightly to ensure it stays put, but we suggest you resist the urge. Don’t love too hard, and leave a little give to keep your signage in mint condition. 

Take the hassle away with our installation service. Our installers are experts at properly fixing signage, applying the perfect tension to get the best result.

Clean Regularly

Keeping your banner mesh fresh is easily achieved by cleaning it regularly. The more often you clean your signage, the easier and quicker it is. 

Prevent stripping the colour from the digitally-printed fibres by keeping it simple. Just lightly wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove surface dust and grime, or use a gentle soap and water combination if your signage requires a little extra TLC. Do not use chemical or bleach based products. 

Storing Well

If you’ve chosen the best material for your signage, installed it properly, and cleaned it regularly, it’ll certainly last long enough to pack up and take to your next site. Store it safely for further longevity. 

Give it a final clean and ensure it is completely dry before storing to avoid mould and mildew. We don’t want any nasty surprises!

Always roll your banner mesh, never fold. Folding creates creasing and stresses the mesh fibres, which can cause the colour and picture to deteriorate. For easy storage and transportation, we recommend a large mailing tube or circular vessel. When you’re ready, unpack your beautifully-looked-after, clean banner mesh and re-install it at your next site. Voilà! 

Stay Fresh! 

Want to learn more? Have a scroll through our other blog posts and reach out to our team to discuss your next project. 

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