The Perfect Pair: Vinyl Hoarding Banners for Government Infrastructure Projects

  • Date25 January 2022
  • Reading time 3 mins read

At Mesh Direct, we collaborate with a broad range of clients – commercial or residential developers, event planners and organisers, marketing and advertising experts, private business owners…and the government! Government infrastructure projects with our vinyl hoarding banners where it requires the same signage and safety measures as any other project, with a few added criteria. As always, all the signage must meet the standards and regulations for construction site signage, but it also clearly needs to identify the official governing body, by logo or name. And it has to look extra good, because it’s speaking for the city, the state, and sometimes even the country itself! 

When we work with governing bodies such as the City of Sydney to design and print hoarding for their development projects, we usually choose to work with vinyl. Vinyl hoarding banners are top-of-the-line when it comes to providing durable protection for staff and passers-by, meeting security regulations, and putting on a good show for everyone. Ours are already fitted out and tailored to meet regulations, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! It’s what makes Mesh Direct the go-to signage company for government infrastructure projects. Read on the find out more!

Transport NSW B-Line Vinyl Hoarding Banners

What Is a Hoarding Banner?

Hoarding is defined as a temporary fence-like structure erected around building or development work. Its main purposes revolve around security: keeping the site clear of debris, keeping staff safe from anything the weather(or people) can throw at them, preventing injury to the public, and keeping the site secure from unlawful access. However, it also has strong marketing potential, becoming a blank canvas with which you can brand your site, advertise your project, and generate interest. The world is your marketing oyster, and the sky your branding limit! 

Why Choose Vinyl?

Vinyl is the ideal choice for hoarding. From print quality to durability, it has it all! Our vinyl hoardings are entirely UV stabilised, meaning they’re wind, water, and sun resistant, with colours that won’t fade no matter how long the project takes. This substrate is tough enough that the end of the world would fail to bring it down. Pair that with a photo-quality print finish, and you’ve got the best of the best! 

City of Sydney Vinyl Hoarding Banners

City of Sydney: Vinyl Hoarding Banners for Government Infrastructure Projects

The City of Sydney has some specific regulations when it comes to construction site signage, and hoarding in particular. Their Creative Hoarding Guidelines regulate what percentage of the hoarding’s surface should be covered (75%), and how graphics should be used. For example, the use of creative graphics on temporary structures in high traffic areas is mandatory, and graphics must be sourced from the City’s hoardings image bank and artists pool. To use site-specific artwork commissioned by a developer or builder, the graphics need to be proposed to the City first for approval. With heritage buildings in particular, as well as developments taking place in heritage conservation areas, it’s mandatory to use historic images of the site itself, which always ends up producing some gorgeous hoarding banners.

Check out our Sydney Town Hall or King’s Cross projects, or our collaboration with Transport NSW for more details!

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