Working with Transport NSW: Signage Partner

  • Date15 September 2020
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With each passing year Mesh Direct partners with some of Australia’s most renowned contractors, working on iconic projects and providing optimal government signage solutions.

Testament to our proficiency working on large scale signage projects is our long-standing partnership with the government department – Transport NSW. Over the past 4 years, Mesh Direct has continually worked on projects with Transport NSW  that pack a punch. With each project, there are fundamental deliverables that Mesh Direct can guarantee, ensuring the project is a success. 

government signage

True industry experts – 10 years experience in the print industry.

With a considerable portfolio of nation-wide signage projects under our belts, our guarantee is that we can execute any project with minimal fuss and complications, allowing clients to get on with the business of running their business. Transport NSW has undertaken mammoth projects over the last 4 years which have required exceptional attention to detail & proficiency. One such project was the 9km NorthConnex motorway tunnel which required a perimeter fence mesh, vinyl hoardings, vinyl banners and printed shade cloth. 

Transport NSW NorthConnex Hoarding

Passion from a deep understanding of the industry and opportunities.

At Mesh Direct we are passionate about excellence and delivering high-quality grand format signage, particularly for large scale infrastructure and government projects that require nuanced signage solutions. This passion and understanding is wholly encapsulated by the Mesh Direct team which consists of true industry experts. This passion was exemplified in 2017 when working with Transport NSW on the ‘NSW Making it Happen’ initiative which required custom printed mesh banners, whose goal was to focus on economic growth within NSW. Continuous communication ensured we delivered signage which would effectively communicate this message. 

Transport NSW Making it Happen banner mesh


5-star customer service and swift lead times.

The foundation of the aforementioned experience comes from prioritizing quality, top-notch materials, customer service & swift turnaround times. With printing facilities Australia-wide, we can quote, proof, print & deliver your signage to you within 10 days. Projects undertaken by Transport NSW, like many other large-scale industry developments, have significant time pressures. In 2018, Transport NSW commenced a project on the Barangaroo Wharf with Mesh Direct supplying custom printed Vinyl Hoarding to line the perimeter of the project. The rapid development of the Barangaroo complex meant the supply of the construction signage needed to be swift and efficient. Working closely with key stakeholders, Mesh Direct continuously provided updates on the progress of the signage to guarantee swift delivery and installation. 

Top-notch quality & a product to suit the application.

Our diverse product range is continuously being curated & modified, ensuring we offer world-class solutions tailored for large scale infrastructure projects. Including fire-retardant, anti-graffiti and biodegradable options, Mesh Direct is at the forefront of providing the best solutions to suit the diverse needs of Australia’s larger contractors. Working alongside Transport NSW the 2017 B-line bus development required custom printed mesh fencing and vinyl hoardings that were durable and could withstand the elements for the duration of the project. 


Transport NSW B-Line Vinyl Hoardings

If you are interested, you can read about more of our government & infrastructure case studies here.  

More images from our projects with NSW Transport.

NSW Transport North Connex Mesh bannersVinyl Hoarding for NSW Transport for NorthConnex Project

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