Building Wraps: Everything You Need to Know

  • Date22 March 2022
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Building wraps are a strategic print signage solution, and one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. And by stand out, we mean really stand out.

Building wraps are a strategic print signage solution, and one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd. And by stand out, we mean really stand out.

It’s hard to go past building wraps when thinking about strategic advertising. They generally achieve eye-catching promotion and practicality in one graphically pleasing, building-sized piece of signage. At Mesh Direct, we create high-quality mesh banner signage specifically for harsh Australian climates. We have no limit on size or shape – you dream it, we print it!

Let’s dive in.

What Are Building Wraps?

Building wraps are a form of traditional advertising that involves attaching, or ‘wrapping’, signage to the outside of a building or construction site.

Building wraps can serve a variety of purposes. They are ideal for promoting large-scale developments or construction, concealing construction or renovations, grabbing the attention of passersby, generating excitement for new developments, protecting pedestrians from dust and debris, and promoting exhibitions, events and brands.

We make building wraps out of high-quality banner mesh that is light, durable, flexible, waterproof, flame retardant, and carbon-neutral, all while maintaining extremely high print quality.

Are Building Wraps Necessary?

Building wraps are not a mandatory requirement for construction or development sites, but most businesses consider them non-negotiable.

Building wraps are the perfect signage solution for distracting attention from large-scale construction, protecting locals from unnecessary dust or debris, and concealing your project until it’s ready to be revealed. At the same, they’re fantastic for utilising existing space as an on-site branding solution and grabbing the attention of passersby.

If you’re actively trying to promote your business while accounting for corporate social responsibility, you should consider building wraps necessary.

Are Building Wraps Effective?

Yes, building wraps are very effective. Businesses who opt for wraps will reap the rewards of:

A Guaranteed Audience

Buildings don’t move, and they’re hard to avoid. Whether you’re using a building wrap to conceal your construction project, or using building space to promote an upcoming event, it’s guaranteed your content will be seen every single day by local and commuting foot traffic, passing vehicles, and public transport.

Unlike social media advertisements, individuals cannot simply ‘opt out’ or avoid your facade. As a result, building wraps are guaranteed to help you reach a wide range of people.

Eye-Catching & Memorable Advertising

We are exposed to over 20,000 advertisements a day, so standing out is difficult. Our building wraps have no limit to size or scale, so the options are truly endless.

Buildings often offer large spaces and unique shapes to work with, which you can use to your advantage to gran the attention of passersby in contrast to surrounding buildings. Whether you decide to go for a stylish and unique design, or a more corporate look, (or both!), your building wrap is highly-visible and memorable to those who see it every day. As a bonus, eye-catching wraps provide excellent backgrounds for images and promote social media shareability.

Check out this blog post to see 10 cool building signage projects Mesh Direct has worked on.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Building wraps are cost-effective because they can stay up for the entire duration of your project.

Our Building wraps are specifically built to last in the Australian climate and can be exposed for as long as two years, which means the initial cost is fantastically cost-effective over time.

What Can Building Wraps Be Used For?

Building wraps are used by a diverse range of industries for a diverse range of purposes. They can be used for anything, such as:

  • Creating impressive branding and advertising for your brand
  • Concealing construction
  • Helping protect locals from dust and debris
  • Large-scale development
  • Promoting events, such as festivals or exhibits
  • Distracting passerby’ attention from construction
  • Promoting events, such as festivals or exhibits
  • Creating a vibrant local atmosphere
  • Attracting foot traffic for a unique social shareability experience.


For example, Mesh Direct helped develop a building wrap to promote the development of The Mayfair, ultra-luxurious apartment development in Victoria. Because the project involved refurbishing the former Victoria Police Headquarters, it also served the purpose of generating excitement, interest and optimism around this chapter of Melbourne’s history.

Read the IB Building Wrap Case Study here.

Benefits of Mesh Direct Building Wraps

Mesh Direct’s building wraps are specifically built to last in harsh Australian climates, so you can rest easy knowing your signage won’t rip or fall down.

High-Quality & Weather-Resistant

We understand Australia’s climate is harsh, so all Mesh Direct products are built to be incredibly durable and waterproof and to withstand high winds.

Mesh Direct building wraps are made with high-quality banner mesh that produces excellent print quality, and are available in different densities depending on the application and desired print quality. Don’t be afraid to dream big – you dream it, we print it.

Flame Retardant

All of our building wraps come flame retardant as standard. This means they have been treated with chemicals that prevent the start of a fire or slow the growth of one. Under the new legislation, all building wraps must meet strict flame retardancy criteria.

Rest assured all of our products are tried and tested to meet all standards.

Meet Australian Building Standards

Not to worry. As with all of our products, our building wrap signage meets all Australian building standards, laws and regulations.

100% Carbon Neutral

Mesh Direct is 100% committed to a more sustainable future, which is why we’re Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral signage company.

We’ve partnered with Carbon Neutral to ensure our net carbon footprint is zero. And we mean absolutely zero.

How do we do it? We offset the amount of carbon that could be generated by any signage purchase by funding Carbon Neutral’s world-changing sustainability initiatives. Every year, we give you the chance to vote on which projects will offset Mesh Direct’s carbon emissions. The future is in your hands!

How To Install Building Wraps

Building Wrap signage is usually printed in panels, then joined together by welding the panels together. The specific installation is dependent on the size, shape and access to the building in question.

Generally, the signage is installed onto scaffolding around the building or construction site using ratchet straps and cable ties. This ensures it’s perfectly tensioned and secure. More technical installations may require rope access and abseil, or signage that needs to be lit up from behind and aligned accordingly.

Each project is a little different, but our team is experienced and equipped to brave wind, rain or sun to get the job done. You can confidently leave the installation process in our hands and enjoy watching the visual storytelling unfold.

That’s A Wrap!

Want to learn more? Have a scroll through our other blog posts and reach out to our team to discuss your next project.



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