Understanding Construction Site Safety Signs

Site Safety Signs provide the lasting impact you need when complying with Australian health and safety regulations. We’ve put together this blog to shed light on the importance of workplace safety signs, and how they’re an absolute must on Australian construction sites. They’re more than just a bunch of eye-catching designs; these signs can be … Continued

Is EcoBoard More Sustainable Than Corflute?

Here at Mesh Direct we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes, creating more sustainable signage solutions for our clients. In an age where advertising is everchanging and messages are often fleeting, we know and appreciate the importance of signage that can be disposed of responsibly or better yet, recycled entirely. The signage … Continued

Site Safety: How to Protect You and Your Workmates on Construction Sites

Worker safety is always a top priority on any job site. No matter the experience of the people on the job or the thorough training provided, there is still a risk of injury. Here at Mesh Direct, we are passionate about increasing worker safety. That’s why it is paramount to do everything you can to minimise … Continued

Safety First: Printing Safety Signage for Your Construction Site

Clear and correct construction site safety signage is one of the most essential parts of any worksite. Not only is the wellbeing of your onsite workers paramount, but signage that isn’t displayed properly can cause you to be hit with a heavy penalty. At Mesh Direct, we know safety is a serious issue. That’s why we’re … Continued

Retail Signage: which product should you use?

When it comes to retail signage, your ideal objective is to stand out and get noticed when competing amongst the rest. Whether you’re looking for signage solutions for the construction of a retail centre or simply just for advertising, Mesh Direct has you covered. Attract attention We offer a range of signage that will be … Continued

Corflute or Vinyl: which is better for you?

Corflute and vinyl signage are two premium products that are guaranteed to deliver an effective advertising message. Both products have outstanding printing quality and are incredibly durable, but serve different purposes for varying projects or events. Therefore, it is crucial to select the right signage solution for your next project and here at Mesh Direct, … Continued

How to use Corflute Signage to Deliver Your Message Simply and Effectively

Corflute signage has been a great addition to the signage arsenal as it boasts a lightweight, versatile signage body that is made from corrugated plastic or corriboard. It presents a rigid, flat surface that can be applied virtually anywhere and by anyone. At Mesh Direct we are very flexible and are more than willing to … Continued

Construction Safety Signage: Why It’s a Must-Have

Construction safety signage is an absolute must-have, which is something we delved into earlier this year in light of a number of accidents on development sites. Here at Mesh Direct, we’re incredibly passionate about the safety protocols in the construction industry. We supply hundreds of businesses every year with the most durable, high quality construction safety … Continued

Corflute Signs: Why You Should Use Them On Site

Here at Mesh Direct, we’ve produced corflute signs for some of the biggest developments, construction sites, festivals and events around the country. Corflute is also referred to as corrugated plastic signage or corriboard and is a rigid, flat substrate that can be applied practically anywhere. It’s a lightweight and versatile signage option, and is easy to install on any … Continued

Printed Signage: Event Advertising On A Budget

In the midst of the digital age, an advertising medium that’s often overlooked and under-utilised is signage. Printed signage is a fantastic way to create brand recognition and awareness, particularly when it comes to events. Don’t underestimate the advantage of using big, bold and bright artwork on signage to expose foot and car traffic to … Continued