Mobile Branding: Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Signage

  • Date25 June 2021
  • Reading time 3 mins read

An often forgotten signage element, vehicle decals are a central tool in promoting brand awareness, developing your brand identity, and creating trust and community around your company. Branding your fleet should not be left to the last minute!

Absent or clumsy vehicle branding goes unnoticed at best and actively deters potential customers at worst. Rather than simply being a means of transportation, your fleet of vehicles should be a lead machine! It reaches a broad and varied audience and makes sure as many people as possible think of you first when they need your service or product.

Vehicle signage needs to be taken into account from the very beginning of the branding process. This way, it coherently ties in with your brand identity and requirements. Don’t believe us? Here are a few reasons to invest in vehicle signage and some tips and tricks to design the best vehicle signage for your business!

Why Invest in Vehicle Signage?

Creating Customers

You might be able to guarantee a certain amount of customer visits to your office. Still, there are many more people wandering around outside who are unlikely to just drop in. Furthermore, if your business requires you to go to your customer, they’re unlikely to come to you. However, vehicle signs reach your customers where they are! They’re a budget-friendly tool for passively generating leads in the very midst of your customer base.

Creating Credibility

Signage that looks good makes your business look good. Instead of just blending into the background along with every other un-marked vehicle, your fleet stands out for the best reasons. It’s easier to believe you are a credible, trustworthy business when you’ve got credible, trustworthy signage!

Creating Confidence

Well-designed signage with contact details or an easily recognisable brand name is more likely to build customer confidence than a blank, white van. It generates the impression that you’re not just going to run off with someone’s money! Rather, it suggests that you care about your reputation, your brand and your customers.

Designing Effective Vehicle Signage

The Devil is in the Details

Provide basic details like your services, a website, or a phone number. This ensures potential customers know what you have to offer, and trust that you’re a legitimate business they can reach out to. However, don’t go overboard! Just like with any signage, less is more in vehicle signage.

On Brand

Make sure your vehicle signage is fully integrated into your brand identity and aesthetic. Think about fonts, graphics and colour schemes that define you and make your brand recognisable. You want people to know who you are when you’re cruising around!

Finding the Best Fit

There are a few options out there for your vehicle signage, depending on your budget, environment, and fleet. Car magnets are cheap and easy to fix, and since they’re removable, they can be used on multiple vehicles. However, they don’t stick to non-steel or uneven surfaces and can potentially fly off your car. For a larger design, vehicle wraps offer more durability and versatility, but they’re more expensive and require more maintenance. It’s all about knowing what works for you!

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