A Guide to the Different Types of Signage and Their Uses.

  • Date18 December 2020
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Signage and advertising, in general, is literally everywhere we look, pretty much everything we see and use has a logo or slogan on it and this is the norm in our present-day society. The purpose of such signage is to improve brand exposure, improve brand recognition and stand out from the competition. There are many variations when it comes to signage and each has its own unique purpose since certain areas can really benefit muchly from a particular form of signage versus the rest. Here is our guide to different types of signage and their uses. Hopefully, after reading this you have a better idea of what types of signage are out there and how they can be each utilised best. 


Billboards, as I’m sure most of you know, are large scale print banners that are most often placed in high traffic areas to gain the most attention. The aim of using a billboard is to build brand awareness for as many pedestrians and drivers as possible which is why you’ll find billboards placed in high spots over both a road and a path so it gets the best possible outreach. Billboards actually tend to generate the highest number of views and impressions compared to other advertising techniques. According to research done by Harley’s Dream, a large 71% of people consciously look-up at billboards whilst driving.

So if you decide to go with a billboard for your signage make sure that the design and font is clear and matches your company’s style guide so that your company can benefit most from this exercise.Amalgamated Property Group Billboard

Standoff Signage

Standoff signage has become increasingly popular in more recent years due to its very contemporary design and variation of styles. What makes a standoff sign is the small piece of hardware that’s attached to the sign to mount it onto a wall, this consists of a barrel cap and a screw allowing the sign to sit off slightly from the wall it is attached to. 

A ‘through grip’ standoff sign is the most common type, it’ll mean your sign will have small holes in it to allow the barrel’s cap to go through and mount the sign. 

The other popular variation is the ‘edge grip’ standoff, these ones don’t require any holes in the signage, since they more conveniently join at the edges of your sign.

Choosing a standoff sign is a unique way of mounting your signage giving it a 3D effect due to it sitting out from the wall which will make a lasting impression on clients and visitors alike.

Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage often comes in the form of a car wrap or simply vinyl graphics. This form of signage is applied directly over the vehicle’s paint and can be removed by a professional at any time if you wish to update or simply just remove the vinyl. Vehicle wraps and decals are among the most effective ways of marketing a business, this is even more so the case if you are catering to a more local audience. Unlike most other signage, which are static, vehicle wraps are a form of highly mobile marketing that keep on travelling to wherever your vehicle is driven, thus increasing your company’s overall exposure. 

Due to the human eye being naturally attracted to a point of difference, your vehicle is bound to stand out in traffic amongst other vehicles, so try and make your design both bold and colourful without being over the top. If you have a fleet of vehicles too, it will be aesthetically pleasing and give off a very professional looking vibe.

Overall, all signage has its intended purpose and will benefit your company in different ways depending on which form you choose. Hopefully, after reading about these different types of signage and their uses you have an idea of what may benefit your business the most at the present time and the way in which different kinds of signage works their magic. 

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