Mesh Direct is introducing a new 24-hour Priority Print Service

  • Date16 March 2022
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At Mesh Direct we know things can crop up at the last minute. Whether it’s container signage, corflute signage or site signage you need just a little bit sooner than usual, our new 24-Hour Priority Print Service is the service you need in your life. The service guarantees the same top quality you can expect from our usual signage but dispatched within 24 hours provided our terms and conditions are met. Lightning-fast lead times just got even better, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.


fast print signage priority print service

Skip the Queue

In ordinary life, we don’t endorse skipping the queue but when a marketing or advertising campaign needs to urgently run, exceptions are made. At Mesh Direct your order is pushed to the front of the print queue with a 50% loading when you select our 24-Hour Priority Print Service. It’s a small price to pay for quick, efficient and top-quality printing.

Order by 2 p.m. and leave the rest to us

Our team will give you the morning to get your ducks in a row, and ensure the artwork is to the standard you need for an exceptional marketing, advertising or display campaign. Simply place your order by 2pm AEST, send us the approved artwork and payment remittance. Once we receive your priority order, watch as it skips the queue, heads straight to the front of the line and is dispatched within a speedy 24 hours!

Quick dispatch for urgent campaigns

Once your order, artwork and payment have been received, it’s up to us to print the signage you need to run a successful and impactful campaign. Our 24-Hour Priority Print Service promises that provided we receive your order, artwork and payment by 2pm, dispatch will occur by close of business the following business day. Our already lightning-fast lead time of 5-7 days has met its match in our 24-hour Priority Print Service.

The nitty-gritty

To ensure we hold up our end of the bargain, there are a few things to note when placing an order with this new service.

1). The 24-Hour Priority Print Service must be accepted by the production team in order to be approved. This ensures all parties are working towards the same timeline and your expectations are exceeded!

2). We would love to offer the 24-Hour Priority Print Service for all orders and products however the service is subject to availability. Our production team use their discretion to approve jobs in order to avoid disappointment.

3). A 50% loading is required for all orders under the 24-Hour Priority Print Service.

4). All orders placed under the 24-Hour Priority Print Service require full payment and artwork approved by 2pm for the order to be dispatched by close of business the following day.

A quick turnaround is our promise and while other printers sleep, we keep working. The team at Mesh Direct thrive on deadlines and we can print artwork quickly. Printing and delivering signage you’re proud to display is the bread and butter of the business.

Contact us today to learn more about our 24 Priority Print Service or submit your enquiry here

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