6 Reasons to Use Custom Marketing Flags

  • Date27 August 2020
  • Reading time 3 mins read

Whether you own a small or large business, marketing is one of the key strategies when it comes to staying relevant, staying visible and making sales. Some marketing opportunities, like TV or radio ads, require substantial investments, while digital advertising campaigns quickly become irrelevant. Good old print advertising, such as custom marketing flag,  are still the most trustworthy, reliable and affordable marketing strategy out there!

Amongst the vast range of print advertising options, custom marketing flags stand out for a variety of reasons. These advertising bad boys bring a festive, celebratory atmosphere everywhere they go, and effortlessly demand that crucial passive attention that boosts your bottom line in your sleep. 

Also known as feather banners, flag banners, beach wings and feather flag banners, custom marketing flags are a well-established type of banner that will never go out of date. Material is tensioned along a pole that stands in a cross base or is simply planted into the ground, providing sturdy and aesthetically pleasing visibility. 

They come in various heights and shapes, so you can choose the format that most suits your event, service or location. They’re perfect for standalone advertising, as an extension to your stall at an event or trade-show, or to boost the visibility of your existing on-site signage.  

How Can Marketing Flags Help Your Business?

Customised marketing flags can be your best ally when it comes to boosting your visibility, increasing brand awareness and building your customer base. Here’s the skinny on all the ways these advertising superheroes have your back. 

Cheap and Cheerful

Flag banners are a low-cost print advertising option that won’t put a huge dent in your budget. They’re a small investment that pays high dividends.

A Natural Edge

Marketing flags come with a natural (and free!) advantage over other advertising tools. The human eye is drawn to movement, and whether we want to or not, our natural reflex is to look at the objects moving in our peripheral vision. So your flag fluttering in the breeze is a short-cut to passerby focus!

Simplicity is Key

When time is money, you want to waste as little time as possible setting up and taking down your banners. Flag banners are quick and easy to put together and dismantle, meaning you can focus your energy on engaging with your clients and enjoying your business.

Hit the Road

They fold up small, and they fold up light, so your marketing flags can travel with you wherever you go or sit conveniently tight in storage. 

Tough as Nails

Modern flag banners are weather-resistant, designed to withstand hail, rain or sunshine without smudging their lipstick. Use them all year round, confident that they won’t lose their aesthetic appeal! 

Direct sunlight will eventually fade out even the best inks, though. If you’re leaving your banner outdoors day-in, day-out, make sure it’s in a shady spot so it can live out its full lifespan. 

Versatile and Customisable

The true magic of marketing flags is how adaptable they are! They’re extremely easy to transport and set up, so sudden location changes or spots of inclement weather are no fuss. They work as well inside as outside, and they’re ideal for permanent on-site signage or temporary events, stall and road-side signage.

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