4 Tips to Achieve Great Event Signage

  • Date15 April 2016
  • Reading time 2 mins read

Events are the ideal opportunity to put your brand out there in front of your audience. Use your next event to promote your brand and ‘wow’ your attendees every where they look with great event signage.

Here are our tips to having high impact event signage:

1. Print it big. Print it bright.

Event signage should be big, bright and ideally be high impact. Mesh banners are a great way of presenting your brand or message. Big banners are always better if you want to have high impact signage.

2. Consistency is key

Creating and following a theme give your event or festival a coherent message, an inclusive vibe that ties the event together. Your wayfinding signs, stage covers, directional signage, toilet signs, fence signage and entry/exit point signage should all be within the theme. Focus on keeping your event theme consistent across all signage.

3. Wayfinding signage is integral

Event patrons will more than likely be unfamiliar with the event facility or grounds. Wayfinding signage needs to be specific, prominently placed and concise. Make sure your attendees can safely navigate your event with wayfinding signage at your next event.

4. Safety First

Safety is at the forefront of effective event planning for any large gathering. Large crowds can be unpredictable, but proper safety signage assists attendees, officials and emergency teams react promptly and appropriately. Safety signs should be bold and strategically placed. You should also consult industry body safety regulations to ensure your signs and festivals are compliant.

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