3 Eco Friendly Print Advertising Projects

  • Date02 May 2022
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Where the environment is concerned, we could go on forever about how important it is to consider where and how your signage is made.

Where the environment is concerned, we could go on forever about how important it is to consider where and how your signage is made. With over 600 tonnes of signage going to landfill each year, the team at Mesh Direct knew we had to do something. And we had to do it fast. 

Our 100% carbon neutral signage makes us the first carbon neutral signage manufacturer in Australia, and it’s a label we’re proud to wear. We recognised that as a signage manufacturer, the footprint we were leaving on the earth was potentially damaging and would pose a problem our grandchildren and grandchildren’s children would have to bear. 

Transforming Mesh Direct into a carbon neutral business means our net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero. This is achieved through offsetting emissions which means we support amazing projects that reduce global CO2e emissions, such as forest regeneration. Following the painstaking phase of carbon neutral signage development, we can now proudly offer our clients an eco-friendly signage range that doesn’t impact the earth. And we can promise that in the process, we never compromise on the quality and integrity of our products. Our goal now is to ensure every client chooses signage from our eco-friendly range. To help paint a picture of how eco-friendly signage can still be incredibly impactful, below are some of the projects we’ve worked on using our carbon neutral signage products. 

Woolworths Building Wrap, Sydney CBD 

One of our favourite projects to date, the Woolworths building wrap entailed a vivid, large scale piece of artwork that wrapped around the façade of a Woolworths building in Sydney’s CBD. The building can be found at 532 – 540 George Street and was originally constructed for a furnishing retailer in 1929. Woolworths obtained the long-term lease of the Bebarfalds city store in 1965 before council purchased the building in 1985. The piece was manifested in response to a callout by the City of Sydney, where local artists were asked to create a piece of art that would symbolise an ongoing commitment to a greener, more sustainable city. 

Toby Bishop’s work, named ‘Ancient Tracks’ was unanimously selected from around 180 submissions. “My artwork Ancient Tracks pays homage to Indigenous navigation and land management, reflecting and speaking to a vibrant evolving global city,” said Toby Bishop, a 25-year-old Kungarakan graphic designer. Lord Mayor Clover Moore also stated, “We’re thrilled to be displaying Toby Bishop’s artwork on what is one of Sydney’s largest outdoor canvases to date.” 

At over 3500sqm in size, it would come to be one of Mesh Direct’s largest carbon neutral wraps – and what a location for it with thousands of people passing by each day. We were thrilled to play a role in this project and look forward to seeing how it can inspire a more sustainable approach to large-scale printing.

Photograph supplied by City of Sydney – Abril Felman

Hymix Silo Painting

For over 50 years, Hymix has been ahead of the curve in providing premium customised concrete solutions to private clients and developers across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. In late 2021 Mesh Direct were tasked with rebranding Hymix’s aggregate silo signage at their Pyrmont plant, and with a shared connection of values, it was a project we jumped at straight away. Quality, safety, customer service and environmental sustainability run deep at Hymix, so it was important for these values to shine through in their signage. 

The new logo and colours reflect Hymix’s reliability, innovation, and professionalism in the industry. We used Dulux Weathershield paint and a matching acrylic undercoat for UV resistance and longevity. Patented MaxiFlex Stretch technology add an extra dose of durability, ensuring this impressive signage would withstand the unpredictable weather in New South Wales. And, possibly the most important thing, the silo signage was 100% carbon neutral, easily meeting Hymix’s requirement for a sustainable signage solution. 

The size of this project meant that absolutely no one could miss it! It was the perfect way to share fresh new branding on a site that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To see the project come to life, click here. 

Ethical Property

We love some good word of mouth, and that’s exactly what instigated our partnership with Ethical Property. Another client of ours had recommended Mesh Direct to Ethical Property after seeing them struggle to find a printer that could deliver what they needed within a tight timeframe. The design of this artwork was selected as part of a local competition run by Ethical Property to support local artists and inspire action on social issues. The winning artist, James Small, created a 35m x 5m piece of artwork that would cover the exterior wall of Endeavour House, a centre for social change in Canberra, ACT

Similar to the Woolworths building wrap, this task was a monumental one, requiring careful consideration of what material to use, and how to install the final artwork. We decided to opt for traditional billboard vinyl, a tough, durable and long-lasting material. Billboard vinyl has an excellent print quality which is why it was the perfect material for this particular job. And as a bonus, it was produced using sustainable signage from our carbon neutral range.

The artwork has received a large amount of media attention, a satisfying result given its intention to spread awareness about the negative impact of climate action. The timing of the installation, following floods and fires in Australia, was also fitting. It was a fortuitous opportunity to produce eco-friendly signage to spread a message about climate change. 

We know the best time to start being more careful with our earth was yesterday. Fortunately, it’s not too late to swap your signage solution for an eco-friendly one and promise generations to come to earth that’s habitable. And the team at Mesh Direct are here to guide you every step of the way. To learn more about our eco-friendly signage solutions click here. If you’re ready to get started, let’s chat! Click here to get a free, no-obligation quote. 

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