Worksite Privacy and Safety: Why Anti-Gawk Screens Are a Must-Have

  • Date05 June 2023
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In the world of construction, privacy and safety are of utmost importance. Busy streets and curious eyes can create distractions and potential hazards for both pedestrians and workers. Enter the anti-gawk screen, a versatile and effective solution designed to keep construction sites private and safe, while also offering an opportunity to promote your brand. Are you intrigued? Let’s dive into the world of anti-gawk Screens and discover how they can benefit your project.

The Roadmap Ahead: Your Guide to Anti-Gawk Screens

  • Anti-Gawk Screens provide a safe and effective solution to construction regulations that limit visibility.
  • Customisable options are available in many varieties, including printed scrim, mesh and vinyl banners for branding and advertising.
  • We’ll take a look at a Mesh Direct client case study that successfully implemented an anti-gawk screen providing privacy and safety for workers & the general public.

What are Anti-Gawk Screens?

Anti-gawk screens are sheets of plastic mesh designed to provide extra privacy when attached to construction sites and barriers. They come in a variety of sizes and can be easily attached, providing an effective barrier and increased security.

Anti-gawk screens are perfect for those looking for a more secure space and will provide additional protection from prying eyes, keeping construction sites secure and confidential while also ensuring work zones adehere to the relevant Australian Standards for civil work sites and roadside work zones.

This make them the ideal choice for reducing visibility of the site’s activities to vehicles passing by and the general public, thereby improving safety for distracted road users and workers. Moreover, they also play an important role in meeting construction regulations that require the protection of pedestrians and the public from loose debris.

In addition to enhancing safety, anti-gawk screens offer a unique chance to advertise your business to those who pass by. Utilising and easy to install, printed banner mesh or shade cloth screens can increase the visibility of your business, brand, or project. As a result, boosting brand recognition through the display of logos, project names, and brands.

Types of Anti-Gawk Screens

When it comes to figuring out which type of wrap suits your project best, its important to understand the differences between the most common types of anti-gawk screens available on the market. The type of screen you choose depends on your specific requirements and preferences.

Printed Shade Cloth (Scrim)

Shade cloth (sometimes known as Scrim) is a traditional PVC shade cloth with little rigid strength and a looser application, it is a very cost-effective and popular choice for anti-gawking screens as it is effective are reducing visibility and easy to install.

However, every pro has its con. This affordable solution for anti-gawking is often less durable and not the longest lasting choice in comparison to other banner mesh products which have significantly more structure and print with significantly more impact.

Mesh Banners

An increasingly popular type of anti-gawk screen is the mesh banner. Mesh banners are printed banners with small holes that facilitate the passage of wind. They are more durable than vinyl banners and possess semi-transparency, making them suitable for outdoor advertising, particularly for wrapping the perimeter of construction sites.

At Mesh Direct, we recommend opting for our Polymesh Banners which have a much higher colour production than Scrim and are available in a range of sizes and colours, making the great for being personalised with logos and other graphics.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are not normally used on temporary fencing but can also offer an effective solution for construction sites aiming to heavily conceal the view of a worksite, address anti-gawking and debris reduction concerns.

While less durable to high wind loads, vinyl banners can suit unique construction needs and help establish a bold brand presence. This is because vinyl banners are a completely solid panel, without holes for wind to pass through, allowing for more vibrant colour reproduction.

Furthermore, they effectively reduce the ability of the general public viewing a project before completion and reducing spread of loose dust and debris, mitigating hazardous situations caused by wind and site activities.

Customisation and Branding Options

When it comes to customisation options for anti-gawk screens, you have the flexibility to print logos or project names on the screens. The ideal file formats to supply artwork in are usually Ai, EPS or Hi Res PDF File for logos, and other images.

At Mesh Direct we handle the printing of anti-gawk screen in-house, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to create a unique and eye-catching screen that not only provides privacy and safety to pedestrians and vehicles passing but also promotes your brand effectively.

Installation Process

The installation process for anti-gawk screens may vary depending on the type, but there are specific installation and maintenance requirements that should be adhered to. It is essential to follow the instructions in the product manual or guidance provided by the business you order from to ensure a secure attatchment.

For anti-gawk screens made of mesh banners, the installation process is straightforward. Cable ties can be used to secure them. This can be done through stainless steel eyelets. To install the screens with cable ties, simply attach the cable ties to the eyelets on the mesh banner and firmly secure the cable ties to the posts or poles.

To ensure proper maintenance of anti-gawk screens, it is recommended to follow the instructions in the product manual or guidance provided by the supplier to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your screens.

Rent vs. Purchase: Making the Right Choice

When considering whether to rent or purchase anti-gawk screens, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Renting screens provides flexibility, cheap and doesn’t require you to store the mesh afterwards. This is ideal for projects with an uncertain timeline or for those who need to frequently change locations.

On the other hand, purchasing anti-gawk screens enables you to build equity and gain more control over the product. This may be a suitable choice for long-term projects or for companies that have a consistent need for screens, saving expense overall in the long term. Ultimately, the decision to rent or purchase depends on your specific situation and requirements. By carefully evaluating your needs and budget, you can make the right choice for your project.

Selecting the Right Provider

When selecting a provider for anti-gawk screens, it is essential to evaluate their experience and standing in the industry. This will help ensure that you receive a high-quality product and professional service. Additionally, take into account the types of anti-gawk screens they offer and whether they can accommodate your specific requirements.

It is also crucial to consider the provider’s pricing options, customisation capabilities, and support services. By thoroughly researching and comparing providers, you can make an informed decision and choose the right provider for your anti-gawk screen needs.

At Mesh Direct we offer incredibly competitive pricing, while having a full range of products for all purposes. This helps you avoid being forced to buy a product that isn’t fit for your site and allows us to find the best solution for your project.

Case Study: Scentre Group’s Anti-Gawk Screens

At Mesh Direct we’ve helped all kinds of businesses and projects successfully implement anti-gawk screens demonstrating their effectiveness in construction projects.

For example, lets take a look at Scentre Group, when it comes to renovations or expansion projects at your local Westfield Shopping Centre you probably recognise these:

Printed banner mesh like these not only reduce the visibility of a sites activities but play an important role in promoting the brand to vehicles passing the centre.

If you’d like to learn more about this anti-gawk screen project you can read more in our full case study where we covered the developments over a range of different locations, including: Westfield Kotara, Westfield Hurstville, Westfield Miranda and Westfield Bondi Junction

Overall, anti-gawk screens serve as an invaluable tool for ensuring privacy and safety at construction sites while providing ample opportunities for branding and promotion. With a range of types and customisation options available, you can select the perfect screen to suit your project’s specific needs. Whether you choose to rent or purchase your screens, it is crucial to carefully consider your options and select the right provider.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of this versatile solution – consider adding anti-gawk screens to your construction toolkit today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the anti-gawk mesh secured to the fence?

When you receive the mesh at your location, attaching it to your temporary fence is a simple process. The anti-gawk banner mesh is designed with pre-hemmed edges and eyelets, making installation quick and effortless. To secure anti-gawk mesh or scrim, you can use cable ties, tie wire, or rope. The inclusion of eyelets not only enhances the banner’s durability but also minimises the risk of rips and tears, particularly in high wind conditions. These eyelets serve as robust anchor points for long-term installations.

Is it mandatory to install anti-gawk mesh at my construction site?

Determining whether anti-gawk mesh installation is required at your job site depends on various factors. It is essential to consult your local council building standards and familiarise yourself with the fire safety and building code regulations applicable to your area. Compliance with these regulations will help you determine if setting up banner mesh is a necessary step for your specific project.

Can I reposition the mesh once it’s attached to the fence?

Yes, you can reposition the mesh if needed. The banner mesh is designed to offer flexibility and convenience. If you find the need to adjust its positioning on the fence, simply detach the securing mechanism, such as cable ties, tie wire, or rope, and reattach it to the desired location. This allows you to make necessary changes or modifications without difficulty, ensuring that the anti-gawk mesh meets your project requirements.

How Can I Remove Graffiti from Anti-Gawk Mesh?

Unfortunately, the process of removing or cleaning paint and graffiti can be time-consuming and pose a risk to the colour and print quality of your screens. This is due to the harsh chemicals and solvents required to remove the paint from banners ultimately stripping away the design printing with it.

For optimal graffiti protection, consider investing in an anti-graffiti coating when purchasing your anti-gawk mesh. This special liquid coating is applied to the signage after printing using a dedicated coating machine. With this coating graffiti is unable to bond and adhere to mesh and vinyl banners, making it easier to clean without solvents and a presentable appearance without need for replacement.

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