Vinyl Banners: 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Them

  • Date26 September 2022
  • Reading time 6 mins read

Looking for new ways to liven up your next promotional campaign or project advertising? You may have already nailed your campaign across digital screens, but there’s nowhere better to take your campaign than the great outdoors! When it comes to outdoor vinyl signage, you might be overwhelmed with the wide variety of choices and benefits; well, that’s where we can help.

Vinyl wrap signage for billboards and construction projects can be the perfect solution when it comes to scaling up your messaging and getting your brand identity across in an exciting and large format, so here are our top five reasons why we know your business will love using vinyl signage.

1. It’s completely customisable

Vinyl banners are an excellent option for companies, projects or events that want to invest in a custom marketing asset at an affordable price. Like most print industries, vinyl signage printing involves a designing and planning phase where you can choose any size, colour and shape you want. These are often billboard banners, backdrops or flag banners for light poles. This broad scope of customisation means your business will have a unique, eye-catching banner that represents the brand well.

You can also use vinyl banners indoors or outdoors, depending on how you’d like to use them. One of the most appealing features of investing in a vinyl banner is how your design will leave a lasting impression and can be an extremely powerful marketing touchpoint. Banners are most popularly custom printed to be as large as a typical Out-of-Home (OoH) billboard, you can find out more about ordering custom vinyl banners here.

2. Durability and Reusability

The durability of vinyl signage printing is second to none and can last you a lifetime if need be.

Vinyl banners can be used outdoors or indoors, which means that you have the flexibility to display them in different areas based on your needs. Heavy-duty outdoor signage vinyl is also the material of choice when it comes to OoH advertising; the best part about choosing outdoor signage vinyl over other options is that they’ll last for years, even when they’re exposed to the elements and have regular use. Because they’re made out of vinyl instead of paper or fabric, there’s less risk of them getting damaged; this is due to them being waterproof and containing a durable inner scrim layer, allowing them to withstand even the harshest of Australian winds and weather conditions.

The quality level of vinyl banners makes it highly cost-effective for businesses for several reasons, but the most valuable money-saving factor is the reusable aspect. A marketing material as durable as vinyl banners makes it easy to reuse them as often as you want without worrying about them losing their quality over time. So whether you need a new one every month or every year (or even more frequently), we guarantee that each sign will retain its high quality throughout its lifespan!

3. Easily portable and storable

If you’re planning on investing in an outdoor signage vinyl banner, chances are you want to be able to use them in more than one location multiple times a year. Vinyl banners are incredibly easy to transport and store. They can be rolled up and carried around, making them great for use at significant events where you may need to move your banner a few times throughout the day. The portable nature of vinyl banners makes them also ideal for short-term displays that won’t be used permanently.

For example, if you have a new product launch or promotion that lasts only one week, vinyl billboard banners are a great option because they can easily be stored between uses when not needed. You can rest easy knowing that choosing vinyl signage means that you can install it again, fold it up and easily store multiple banners for future use, recurring events and transportation.

4. The Highest Quality Prints

In terms of design, vinyl signage printing often produces some of the most vibrant and premium results. A high-quality printer will typically use UV-stabilised ink and offer glossy and matte finishes to ensure your signage’s long-lasting vibrancy and style.

When you order a banner from Mesh Direct, it will be printed on high-quality, durable vinyl made from construction-grade materials. Not only are our inks UV stabilised, but we also offer additional Graffiti-proof coatings which allow you to remove any unwanted paint or ink off of your vinyl prints without worrying about damaging the print quality beneath. With features like these available, your banner vibrancy can last a long time and simultaneously look great.

5. Sustainable Vinyl Banner Options

No, we’re not kidding. Most vinyl banners can be incredibly difficult to recycle as they are often quite large and made from PVC; although not available at every supplier, there are increasingly more options to make your banners and marketing materials environmentally friendly. If you didn’t know, It just so happens that at Mesh Direct, we’ve got Australia’s most sustainable vinyl banner options for three key reasons:

  1. At Mesh Direct, we are proud to be Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral signage supplier, so you can be confident that your business is making an environmentally conscious decision when printing banners with us.
  2. When you order a vinyl banner with us, you can organise to return it once you’re finished with it, and we will send it to be professionally recycled into new materials with our partners Terracycle.
  3. Finally, we are the number one supplier of EcoVinyl in Australia. Our EcoVinyl option is a more sustainable option than traditional vinyl billboard materials and can be recycled far more easily thanks to its recyclable edging.

After exploring just five practical benefits of vinyl banners, it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice among businesses, councils and event marketers alike. They’re great for outdoor marketing, as well as indoor displays and events. Thanks to their high-quality design and durability, they can last year after year without suffering from wear and tear, so you won’t have to worry about them falling apart anytime soon.

The best part is that these banners can be an incredibly affordable asset compared with other types of signage options out there right now! If you’d like to learn more, have a chat with a signage specialist, give them a try today and see what all the hype is about.

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