Tips on Building Your Construction Business With Branded Banners

  • Date15 October 2016
  • Reading time 4 mins read

Construction signage serves as a direct network to your company and potential clients, as well as, provides information on your building sites. Branded banners have an extensive range of capabilities to meet your construction signage needs which includes higher advertising recall and delivers greater advertising impact. There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to branded banners for great results:

Choosing the Right Materials:Premium Banner Mesh: There are quite a few options available when choosing the right banner material. Premium banner mesh has a tight dense weave and has great print reproduction. It is a really strong product when you want to advertise very specific picture and sales messages. It has super tough  edging and a nylon welded backing, so you get supreme strength in high wind areas or building sites which tend to be a bit rough and tumble.

Shade Cloth (Fence Scrim): If not banner mesh, shade cloth (scrim) are commonly chosen as it is the cheapest entry level product, although, it is still quite tough. It’s very open weaved, designed for high wind areas, perfect for construction sites where you will need long runs of it and makes for an easy installation. Unlike banner mesh, shade cloth doesn’t have an excellent print reproduction so it’s not suitable for great detail, however, simple logos and colour will still look effective.

Vinyl: By far the best material for print reproduction is Vinyl. Ink adheres fantastically to it, giving it that great punch of colour and certainly fantastic for detail and large amounts of information about your site. An example would be hoardings around your building site that require your own branding or some information, this is exactly what you would use, when wind flow is not necessarily a factor. You could also apply anti graffiti to this product; so you are obviously going to be generating a significant longevity to this product. Life expectancy is about 2 years with the right installation and the right lamination and anti graffiti, all of which leaves your signage looking professional and last longer.

  • Presentation of Your Banner: As a powerful tool for advertising, the design you choose for your banner gives your company an identity and personality, impacting your target audience. Colours make the biggest impact for your banner as they reach each evoke different feelings. Making sure you have the right colours to represent your brand is crucial. Along with other features, like necessary information for potential clients to get into connect with you. It is also important to make sure your banner has white space, as cluttered banners become unclear and look unprofessional. Whether you want your banner design to be a collection of multiple colour panels or photographs, they all need to work well together in order to construct a design which creates energy, professionalism, and lends you credibility on a whole. Uniqueness is the main point of focus, as viewers will recognise you by your branding, therefore enhance your reputation.
  • Placement and Size: When thinking of the placement of your signs, visibility from inside and around the site needs to be taken into account. In order for communication to flow between your company and consumers, larger banners are preferable; especially if the information you are providing is complex. gathering the right dimensions for where your signs needs to be placed is critical; if you place a banner that is too large or too small on your site it will not get the recognition it deserves and makes your business look disorderly.
  • Keep it Consistent: Where you can display your banners, do it. Having large, long runs along with construction sites is best, as it repeats your logo and information provided, therefore becoming more memorable to the people viewing it. A strong and consistent brand reinforces your identity and gives the impression of trust and confidence.
  • Building Wraps: Building wraps are highly versatile and when used for construction media they deliver a purpose of minimising attention to the surrounding environment, concealing and disguising construction words. With your creative graphics and vibrant colour selection, the public’s eye cannot help but to be drawn to the advertisement, therefore, initiating promotion for your company. All of which helps to reinforce your brand and establish potential customers who may not have been aware that your company or new product pr service exists. Wraps that transform ordinary brick walls into eye catching statements are a great long term investment, as each advertisement will be directed towards a different market. Hence targeting almost every demographic, giving all companies a marketing benefit. They are also cost effective as well as helping protect the frame from external forces such as weather.

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