Think beyond digital marketing with outdoor advertising

  • Date25 April 2018
  • Reading time 3 mins read

The world of advertising has broadened over the years and organisations are shifting their attention to implementing creative digital marketing tactics, as opposed to outdoor advertising. However, with this increase in solely advertising to the online customer, businesses are missing potential with reaching their customers through outdoor advertising using banner mesh signage, for example. We know the importance of integrating digital and traditional marketing strategies in order to make a truly lasting impact on your customer.

Why you should use outdoor advertising:

Reaching a mass audience is a guarantee

Outdoor advertising is a way to reach people 24/7. If used creatively, you can make a lasting impact and attract attention from your intended audience. The creative branding uses of banner mesh or vinyl signage on a construction site are endless and will surely reach your target market. Think about it: people walk past a construction site or billboard almost everyday and if they see your brand advertised outdoors, they can be triggered to search for your brand when they move online.

QR codes compliment your digital marketing strategy

If you’re stuck for ways to increase your following on social media or simply have a product that you’re selling online, a QR code on an outdoor sign is an effective way for people to quickly find your brand online. QR codes are usually seen on outdoor signs for people to scan using their smartphone camera, where they’re directed to an online site to encourage a purchase. This is a clever use of outdoor signage and our vinyl signage has a great print reproduction for this type of marketing strategy. This will effectively compliment your digital marketing and encourage your customer to interact with your brand.

Sustained awareness

People often spend a substantial amount of time on public transport or in the car and when stuck in traffic, they can scan the area and see outdoor advertising. If your construction site or display shed is in a high traffic area, you can leverage advertising potential with your banner mesh or vinyl billboard signage to attract attention from your target market. This will increase awareness of your brand, thus complementing your digital marketing strategies.

Location is powerful for integrated marketing

Nowadays with social media, you can choose to advertise to your target audience when they visit a specific location. Facebook has a feature that you can use that will display your advertisement to an individual when they’re in a specific location. You can use this to complement your outdoor advertising by creating a Facebook ad that appears to an individual after they’ve walked by your branded outdoor signage. This may act as a trigger point for this individual to seek out more information about your brand or make a purchase based on the advertising they’ve been exposed to.


Integrating traditional and digital marketing strategies effectively is vital for your brand to survive in the crowded marketplace. Contact us today on 1300 368 978 for outdoor signage solutions that will complement your digital marketing strategies.

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