Printed Shade Cloth: Where Budgeting Meets Practicality

  • Date15 September 2016
  • Reading time 2 mins read

If your are looking for a marketing solution that doesn’t break the bank but also ensures high impact results look no further than printed shade cloth or otherwise referred to as ‘scrim’. Shade Cloth is the most basic form of the mesh banner range and although it isn’t the leading product of its kind it is still highly valuable marketing tool for many businesses.


Not only is it budget friendly it is highly practical as it is a permeable substrate that allowed wind to pass through easily, creating light loads on the structure to which it is attached. It can be fixed to temporary fencing via cable ties which makes the installation process quick and easy. Shade Cloth can be installed on scaffold, temporary fences, chain wire fences and, as well, as building facades to ensure your brand messages have excellent exposure and are customised to your site. Shade Cloth is perfectly suited for the Australian sun and the sometimes harsh weather conditions that we are so used to. It complies with all OH&S requirements under the relevant building codes and uses fully UV stabilised inks and substrates, ensuring that your sign will last and not fade for at least 12 months.

Printed shade cloth can incorporate your business logo, colour schemes and fonts and it is because of this shade cloth is a very popular method of construction site advertising, or scaffold branding, although it is also often seen at music festivals, sporting events, retail sites, community and school locations and large-scale events of all types. It is perfect for long runs and is usually sold in lengths of 50 metres. It is durable and only has a stretching factor of around 2-3% ensuring the sign will not droop over time after installation. As shade cloth is typically used in longer runs, without areas for wind forces to escape, it is ideal in high wind areas.

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