Printed Fence Banners: Your Questions Answered

  • Date04 March 2024
  • Reading time 4 mins read

Printed Fence Banners are a popular choice with our customers, and for good reason. With the promise of high print quality, and easy installation, these panels serve as the ideal choice for temporary fencing. The flexibility of our panels allows for swift repositioning, accommodating the ever-changing landscape of construction sites. And of course, they’re fully customisable, so as with all of our products they’re a perfect opportunity for branding, advertising or just generally making an area more visually appealing. 

We’ve pulled together this article to answer some of your most common questions about printed fence banners, so you can be assured you’re making an informed decision with your next purchase. Don’t forget, our team is also always on hand to help guide you. You can get in touch here. Otherwise, let’s get into some of your questions: 

What types of fence banners does Mesh Direct supply? 

We offer a wide range of fence banner mesh such as custom printed banner mesh, wind mesh, polyester mesh, printed shade cloth, fencing scrim, anti-gawk screens, construction fence scrim, nature screens, and event mesh. We also offer banner mesh panels in both flame-retardant fence banner mesh and non fire-retardant fence banner mesh.

What sizes are available? 

Fencing banners, along with most of the products in our range can be customised to suit your needs. We also have standard fence panels available in the below sizes:

  • Single fence banner mesh panels (2.4m x 1.6m)
  • Double Panels fence banner mesh (4.8m x 1.6m)
  • Triple panels fence banner mesh (7.2m 1.6m)
  • 50m rolls at either 1.6m or 1.8m high

What can I use Fencing Banners for?

Fence Banners are often used for temporary fences on building and construction sites, temporary fence panels, signage on development sites, events & festivals, sporting events, retail sites, community and school locations, large-scale events, industrial sites, government and infrastructure projects, and more.

How easy is it to install Fence Banners? 

It’s super easy to install Fence Banners yourself using cable ties through the rust-free metal eyelets. Depending on the specific product, eyelets are usually spaced every 500mm along the top of the mesh and 1000mm at the bottom, ensuring your mesh is secured tightly to provide strength and help your brand stand out when it counts most. If you still don’t fancy installing it yourself, save yourself the hassle and let our team of expert installers do it for you. 

My project is in a windy area, what would you suggest? 

Banner Mesh can be the perfect solution for high-wind areas, allowing the fence panels to stand up to even the harshest winds. Wind slits can also be requested or even cut yourself to allow the maximum amount of wind in. 

Can the banners be easily moved and adjusted on the fence as the construction site evolves?

The fact that Fencing Banners can be moved and adjusted easily is what makes them such a flexible and versatile product. You can either combine multiple panels to create longer signs or move panels around individually to adapt to your site shape and avoid obstructions. Easy as that! 

Are Fencing Banners Flame Retardant? 

Yes, they are. Mesh Direct has various densities of banner mesh that is certified as flame retardant. Available in Economy, Standard, or Premium Banner Mesh, there is sure to be a banner mesh to suit your needs.

Are the banners compliant with safety standards?

All of our products meet the required standards set out in Australian laws.

What is the expected lifespan of fence banners?

Our commitment to top-notch products is reflected in our provision of a 2-year warranty for banner mesh products, as long as they are handled, installed, and used correctly.

So there you have it, hopefully, everything you need to know about Printed Fence Banners to make an informed purchase. If you have more questions and would like to speak with one of the Mesh Direct team please get in contact with us by clicking here

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