Our guide to banner finishing options

  • Date22 October 2019
  • Reading time 3 mins read

When ordering signage it’s important to consider the different finishing options which are available. Selecting the correct finishing option will enable you to fix your signage securely and ensure the best possible end result. It can sometimes be confusing selecting finishing if you don’t understand the purpose of it. We’ve put together this guide to help you with this and explain the different options.


Often used on banner mesh products, eyelets are stainless steel, rust-free rings placed along the edge of the banner to allow it to be fixed. They can be applied around the edges of banners which allow it to be tied and secured. Strong rope, twine or cable ties can be fed through the eyelets to achieve a taught, wrinkle free result.

Kedar Edging

Kedar Edging with sail track, also known as rope trap is commonly used for affixing vinyl banners to walls or hoarding. Kedar is welded to the banner edge and the rope is inserted into sail track made specifically for this type of edging. This finishing stretches the banners to create a smooth, taught and low-glare surface.

Pole Pockets

If you are displaying signage using poles, you will more than likely need pole pockets. Pole pockets can be added to any side of the banner to enable it to be secured. The banner material is folded over the back side of the banner, similar to a hem but with enough room left for a pole to go through the pocket. Pole pockets allow rigid poles to be inserted along the edges of the banner, allowing for a more even distribution of weight to prevent sagging.

Wind Slits

Banners that are mounted in areas of high wind may benefit from the addition of wind slits. These are flaps cut into the blank areas of the banner which allow wind to pass through. This reduces the potential deterioration of the signage.

Hemmed Edge

Hemmed edges are typically used to reinforce the sides of banners, helping them to maintain shape and prevent them from stretching.

Nylon Seatbelt Super Tuff Welded Edging Webbing

Nylon webbing reinforcement is welded to the edge of the banner to give extra durability. The edges of the banner are finished with Supertuff seat belt webbing providing durability, increase tensile strength and giving more structural stiffness to prevent curling.


If you’re still unsure which finishing option you need for your signage, let our experienced team guide you through it. Get in touch today.

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