Making Time for Temporary Fencing: Everything You Need to Know

  • Date09 July 2021
  • Reading time 3 mins read

If you’ve seen a construction site, then you’ve seen temporary fencing. The two tend to go hand in hand, and for good reason! From practical considerations to boosting your branding and catching the eye of passers-by, temporary fencing is a construction site’s best friend. Read on to find out why temporary fencing is a critical element in your construction site and what things to consider before you commit.

Law and Order

Let’s get the tedious (and definitely least important) stuff out of the way first. Local building regulations require construction sites to comply with their health and safety statutes, which include the provision of temporary fencing around the site area. Therefore, your fencing is a crucial element in any health and safety plan for work sites, and consequently vital to actually getting your project off the ground.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into the good stuff!

Keeping It In-House

Temporary fencing is the perfect way to alert both pedestrian and vehicle traffic that this area is off-limits. This will reduce the disruption to your site, limit risk to passers-by and staff, and keep your materials safe even when the site is empty. It also discourages any vandalism such as graffiti, theft, or other forms of damage.

Safety First

Both passers-by and site staff need to be kept safe. Temporary fencing keeps people out of risky areas; can be used to warn staff, passers-by or visitors of any harm that might occur; and advises drivers to drive carefully around your site. It also creates a barrier against strong winds, helping keep the site secure and make sure debris, dust and the like are well contained.

Mesh Direct’s shade cloth and construction scrim also provide necessary protection from the sun, keeping your staff safe from sunstroke and overheating.

Boosting Your Branding

Temporary fencing is essentially a blank canvas that stretches around your site – it would be a waste not to use it to your advantage! It’s possibly one of the most budget-friendly and versatile forms of outdoor advertising there is. You get a lot of bang for your advertising buck when you use temporary fencing to its full potential!

Your site could be seen by innumerable people throughout the day. Construction site advertising is an easy and passive way to reach a broad and varied audience and maximise your brand exposure.

Things to Think About

Before you design your display and order your scrim or shade cloth, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Site Area

Make sure you know the height, width and quantity of panels or rolls of cloth you need to surround your entire site, then go ahead and order a few spare.

Cargo Area

Don’t forget to consider your loading spaces, where trucks and other vehicles will need access to your site.

Traffic Safety

If your site is near pedestrian or vehicle traffic, you’ll need to take their security into account. Materials used in temporary fencing should not generate risks or hazards for their surroundings, and they should be safely secured.

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