How to Market Your Business With Pull-Up Banners

  • Date13 August 2020
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Marketing can be one of the most financially challenging aspects of running a business. A necessary expenditure, not everyone can afford billboards, TV and radio ads. But that’s no reason you should feel left behind! Make way for the pull-up banner, also known as a roll-up banner or standee.

These bad boys are your new marketing best friend: they’ve got your back in every situation imaginable. Whether you’re attending a trade show, conference, event, or merely advertising in-business or outside your store, these affordable, convenient and effective marketing tools pack a punch. 

What is a Pull-Up Banner?

The concept is surprisingly simple and wonderfully straightforward. A retractable frame pulls out from a sturdy base, tensioning and containing your vinyl banner. It’s lightweight, standalone, easy to set up and highly portable. 

How Can Pull-Up Banners Help Market Your Business?

Pull-up banners lend themselves remarkably well to a wide range of marketing opportunities and strategies. This makes them an ideal long-term investment for your business goals.

Get More Than You Pay For

Print advertising is cheaper than going digital, and pull-up banners are one of the lower-cost options. The exact price will depend on dimensions and design, of course, but you can rest assured it will be highly budget-friendly. You’ll enjoy high returns for a minimal initial outlay!

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

What makes pull-up banners such an excellent investment is the combination of their low pricing with their durability and reusability. You’ll be able to pull these bad boys out again and again and again across a wide range of events and locations, knowing they still look good-as-new. 

Easy Come, Easy Go

Pull-up banners are ridiculously convenient. You can set them up in no time, ready to wow passers-by and draw customers in all day long, before packing up at record speed. They’re a source of confidence and engagement, not of hassle and stress. 

On the Road

Once you’ve packed your banner down into the carry-case, it becomes small, compact and easy to transport. Toss it in the car, ready for the next mission! It’s also safe and easy to store, and won’t become damaged by either over-or under-use. 

Tips For Designing an Effective Pull Up Banner

Because pull-up banners make such good side-kicks, they’re worth getting right. Done well, they’re your greatest ally for catching eyes and growing your business, whether you’re out and about or working from home. 

Coherent Branding

Make sure we know it’s you! Play with your colour scheme and typefaces, and include your logo and tagline to leave passers-by in no doubt as to your commercial identity and personality. 

Bold Graphics

Images speak a thousand words – and passers-by respond more readily to pictures than text. Choose your image well. It should be a literal interpretation of your service and what makes you unique. Make sure the graphics stand out against the background without overcrowing the banner!

Short and Sweet

Complement your graphics with concise, punchy text describing your service and Unique Selling Point. As always in design, less is more: every word needs to earn its place on that banner. 

Connect to the Digital World

There’s no escaping it: the digital world is the new advertising frontier. While print is in no way dead, it’s essential to cater to the increasing dependence on digital mediums for information and communicating. Include a website, hashtag or social media campaign on your pull-up banner to give passers-by the best of both worlds! 

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