Construction Site Banner: 3 Reasons Why You Should Have One

  • Date01 March 2017
  • Reading time 3 mins read

Why should you have a construction site banner? With the developments in new age digital print technology, the use of branded construction site banners has really taken off. Builders, construction site companies and real estate brands can truly benefit from using a construction site banner on any given project. The affordable and practical nature of these mesh banners means that more and more sites can look more appealing, and more businesses can get their name out there.

But let’s take a closer look at why you should have a construction site banner for your next build…

1. A construction site banner is visually appealing

There’s nothing more unappealing than an ugly fence bunched around a large construction site. Passersby can see through to heavy machinery, and unsightly mounds of dirt and scaffolding. You also might not want people to see the building in progress, but rather work your way up to a big reveal once the job is done.

Construction site mesh, or fence mesh can help you here.

You can print just about anything on banner mesh (we’ll get to that in a moment), and this helps covering up that messy construction site. It adds an element of continuity around your site, and makes everything appear much neater.

2. Advertise on your construction site banner

One of the biggest benefits of fence mesh is the opportunity it provides for your business. Premium banner mesh, standard banner mesh and even shade cloth allow you to print just about anything on them. Most builders and construction companies use this opportunity to advertise their business and create brand awareness. You can print your logo, your contact details and your website on your mesh, and wrap it around your entire construction site.

This is a fantastic way to make people aware of your business, and to have a lasting impact on those who pass by. Not only are you covering up the unsightliness of a construction site mid-build, but you’re also potentially exposing a lot of people to your business and what you do. People are far more likely to trust and use a brand if they’ve heard of them before. Banner mesh allows you to utilise your fence in multiple ways in this respect.

3. Banner mesh is versatile

We’ve already provided two solid reasons for using a construction site banner, but the versatility of this product doesn’t end there. Printed mesh fencing is created especially for your advertising needs, but it’s also designed to perfectly suit outdoor areas, indoors, retail space, windows, large scale hanging building banners and numerous other sign alternatives for your business.

The versatility of this product just keeps on giving, as it can be applied to various scenarios like use between fence poles, or for scaffolding and temporary fencing. It’s tailored to suit you and your needs, and is sold in a variety of different lengths and styles, and are processed through massive 5 metre printers.

These banners have been created with the ever-changing Australian climate in mind, and are fully UV stabilised. This means all our banner mesh products are durable, as well as highly detailed. Our premium banner mesh boasts fire retardant properties, and also has a full CSIRO wind rating.

The banners are easy to install, as they use a simple cable tie and eyelet process that just about anyone can put together. As they’re so durable, you can use them time and time again, from one construction project to the next.

Got a question for us about your construction site banner? Get in touch here for a quote today.

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