Construction: an Unbeatable Advertising Opportunity

  • Date20 August 2021
  • Reading time 3 mins read

The world is your oyster when it comes to advertising. No space is off-limits, too weird, or inaccessible. If a person can be there, then an advert can be there too! We've come a long way from sticking to traditional media placements like television, roadside billboards, magazines, and publication. Today, anything from toilets to buses, lifts to trains, walls to entire buildings can be used to spread your word.

The growth of advertising within the construction industry is a prime example of utilising blank canvases and public spaces to promote a brand. By law, construction sites require temporary fencing, hoarding, jumpform, and other large-format mediums. Rather than surrounding their site with blank signs, most construction companies choose to use all this space to their advantage, with some expert custom printing. (That's where we come in!)

The power of construction sites is that they are seen by a broad and varied audience, from pedestrians to drivers and those suppliers, clients and patrons who frequent the site. Construction also tends to be an extended, long-term project, meaning that this audience is repeatedly exposed to your advertising over some time. The impact of effective advertising in such conditions cannot be understated!

Construction site advertising falls within four primary categories, each providing specific benefits to a well-planned advertising campaign. Let's take a closer look!

Building Wraps

Building wraps do just what it says on the tin: wrap around buildings. Or, in other words, they turn buildings into billboards! Building wraps are visible from a great distance and stand out both in urban and rural landscapes. A striking, witty, and memorable building wrap is consequently sure to catch the eye, putting your brand front-and-centre in the landscape.

Size matters, too, and building wraps are typically on the larger end of things. Making the most out of large spaces that would otherwise go unused, this large-format advertising will be seen by thousands of people on any given day! Therefore, advertising on a building wrap is the perfect way to extend your reach and grow your customer pool.

Mesh Banners

Mesh banners are typically used as temporary fencing to demarcate the perimeter of your construction site. However, they are also the ideal medium for some sneaky brand promotion!

Temporary fencing sometimes comprises kilometres of blank canvas, which is frequently used to display what the site will look like upon completion. As such, mesh banners are ideal for advertising what the finished project will look like, provide to users, and bring to the community in general.

On the other hand, mesh banners are the perfect tool to make passers-by aware of the products, services, and businesses within close proximity to the site. They're a highly affordable means to temporarily boost your exposure and increase traffic to your place of business.


Performing a similar function to mesh banners and temporary fencing, hoarding has a sleeker finish. It provides a more elegant medium for your advertising. Mainly used to secure construction sites in dense urban environments, they're also increasingly being used to secure and promote outdoor events.

Advertising on hoardings looks more refined and professional, and it provides a more realistic, immersive experience for the audience. It's another ideal location to display the completed project and help passers-by imagine themselves within it.


When it comes to size, you can't beat large-format scaffolding wraps. They are, quite literally, a massive advertising opportunity. Helping to protect scaffolding and workers from rain, wind, dust, and debris, scaffolding wraps provide an unbeatable opportunity for impactful and memorable advertising that will be seen by thousands of people, every day, from miles away.

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