Roberts Co. Jump Form Signage

  • Date27 May 2022
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In 2020 Mesh Direct worked with Roberts Co Group (formerly Roberts Pizzarotti) on the Zurich Tower in North Sydney, a 29-storey commercial office tower developed in conjunction with Client Representatives White & Partners and Generate Property Group. Construction on the building commenced in May 2018 and achieved practical completion in November 2020, five weeks ahead of the contract date. 

The team at Mesh Direct were thrilled to be involved in this major project as the preferred supplier of construction signage across the course of the build. For the project, we used jump form signage, a signage solution that would allow Roberts Co Group to prominently display their branding throughout the entire building process. 

Jump form is a series of steps or ‘jumps’ that progress to the next level after the concrete in the previous one has achieved the necessary strength. When we look at this from a practical sense, once a 2m section of concrete has been poured and set, the formwork is then ‘jumped’ to pour the next section. Jump form signage is therefore signage that progresses with the height of the building so as it grows taller, the signage goes with it. In construction, jump form is typically used on buildings five storeys or higher.

The Challenge

A site this big will always present challenges, however, our skilled and hardworking team were able to overcome the obstacles that presented and play a key role in the overall visual impact of the building during construction. One of the major challenges we faced was that the site was incredibly tight, providing little working access to our team. Situated on the main thoroughfare in North Sydney, we needed to work on Saturdays and Sundays for an entire month to complete the installation of the signage. 

The jump form structure of the building itself was also extraordinarily complex. Girders, horizontal structural supports which support smaller beams, were placed from the bottom of the jump form which made getting access to the faces exceedingly difficult for the team. The crane on site was also always working, so we needed to continuously apply the careful attention to detail and patience Mesh Direct is well known for. We were fortunate to be working with an experienced dogman who was able to slide and move the crane box between the girders as we were doing the installation. This experience was crucial in saving time and energy and allowing us to install in a short timeframe.

The Product 

The jump form signage itself was printed upon front-lit outdoor vinyl using printed using UV stabilised inks. These inks create superior print reproduction and quality that ensure an extremely durable and long-lasting finished product. As the signage would face a lot of wind and rain over the course of the build, promising this durability was non-negotiable. 

Jump form signage is a great large-scale signage option that offers developers an opportunity to promote their brand or message to a mass audience. Its size and grandeur also allow the chosen brand or message to be seen from kilometres away. 

In total, there were almost 20 signs that needed to be installed in various spots across the site. Fortunately, we made the design to prepare the signs mostly off-site, which meant we were able to get straight onto installation once arriving.

Roberts Co. Building Signage and Jump Form Signage Roberts Co.

The Result

Achieving practical completion five weeks ahead of the contract date is an exceptional outcome, given the challenges imposed by the bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. It is a project we were proud to be a part of, offering a sensational signage option for one of the most distinguished builders in the country. The Zurich Tower was a smooth, collaborative project boasting a 5-Star Green Star Design and As-Built Rating V1.1, and a 5-Star NABERS Energy rating. These ratings are reflective of the nature of businesses Mesh Direct looks to partner with and we are excited at the prospect of working with Roberts Co Group in the future. 


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