Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Final

  • Date13 December 2022
  • Reading time 3 mins read

The Project 

In October 2022 the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series concluded with its first-ever visit to Australia. Mesh Direct was extremely excited to partner with Stageline Events and Redbull to create the impressive 27m tall diving tower which took centre stage at the event. The event was held at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney Harbour and had over 18,000 spectators. Needless to say, this was a unique and exciting event to be part of, keep reading for some of the key details of this project. 

The Challenge

The Red Bull Cliff Diving Event was a complex project and it didn’t come without its challenges. The first challenge was the printing. Producing a print at such a scale requires detailed CAD drawings and a high level of accuracy. There’s nowhere to hide when the print is a whopping 27m tall! However, printing at a large scale is nothing new to Mesh Direct and we knew from years of experience on similar projects that we could get the top-quality results required. 

The other challenge we faced was an extremely tight timeline. Due to an over-run on the Council approval process, Mesh Direct was only given 8 days for the entire print and install process. We usually request a minimum of 21 days, so this was extremely lean, even for us! It took a fantastic team effort with a lot of extra hours to complete the project in time for the event. We particularly relied on our team of installers to work around the clock on completing the installation. 

The Product 

Due to the complex nature of this project, we landed on using a total of six different products from our range to create this incredible result. Custom-printed Premium Banner Mesh was the star of the show and used to wrap the structure of the dive tower itself, with sail track and keder edging. Premium Banner Mesh lends itself perfectly to high quality print reproduction, which means we were able to achieve those quality print results at scale (27m of scale to be precise!). We also used Self-adhesive Vinyl, Corflute, PVC Board, Hard Foam Board and Clear Acrylic to create the other parts of the structure including the two diving boards and the rest of the eye-catching signage. 

The Result

Fans came on land and by boat to watch the event and all eyes were on the divers… and the mesh! We are proud to say that the final result was breathtaking and we were able to deliver on time, despite extremely short timelines. Most importantly, our client Red Bull was pleased with the results. Bec Rice from Red Bull, who we worked closely with on this project told us:

“ Everything went perfectly on Saturday and everyone is happy.”

Thanks to everyone who was part of this project. We hope the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series returns to Australia again! 

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