Pride Week Vinyl Hoarding

  • Date05 July 2023
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The Project 

In February 2023, Mesh Direct partnered with Growthbuilt and the City of Sydney on an unmissable project for Pride Week. Oxford Street, Sydney was quite literally lined with bright, bold and queer artwork which performed as the perfect final touch for the event. 

Amy Blue is the local artist who created the colourful pieces. The intention behind the collection of illustrations was to capture a snippet of some of the people and events that have illuminated Oxford Street throughout its brilliant and colourful history. And, it did exactly that! 

You can read more about the artwork here

The Challenge 

As with most of our commissions on this scale, the Oxford Street project didn’t come without some challenges. The goal was to brighten up the area while some of the buildings were under construction, including the Ashe Morgan and TOGA development sites. And this was going to require a large-scale Hoarding spanning a total of three blocks on busy Oxford Street. Not only was the artwork bright and colourful, requiring top-notch printing quality but it was also extremely complex which was going to require precision.

In addition, access to the site for installation was going to be challenging. The area had 24-hour bus zones and clearways in the curbside lanes something the Mesh team were going to have to consider.

We also had the imminent Pride event meaning there was a hard deadline and not a whole lot of time to get the project finished.

The Product 

Vinyl Hoarding Banners were the product we used for this project. They are the perfect solution to provide the photo-quality finish the colourful artwork demanded. Plus, they’re durable with a smooth and low-glare surface making them perfect for both the Sydney Pride event and beyond, until the construction work at the site had been complete. We also added 650m of Sailtrack to fix the Vinyl to the hoardings and ensure they stayed in place. 

The Result

The outcome? Simply, fabulous. We used over 70 pieces of printed material in total and thanks to the top quality of our Vinyl material and the wealth of experience of our team, the results were just as we hoped and exceeded our client’s expectations. 

We staged the installation over several nights, which was necessary due to the short periods of access. And of course, everything was ready in time for Pride week, even with some time to spare. 

Mesh Direct collaborated closely with all the relevant stakeholders. This included the team at Growthbuilt to ensure compliance with induction requirements and also weekly meetings with both Growthbuilt and the Sydney Council Pride week planning team. 

Matthew who was a key stakeholder at City of Sydney said:

“I sincerely appreciate all the effort by Mesh Direct navigating the complexity of this job. The outcome is amazing. Congratulations on the presentation of the installation and artwork. It’s being recognised by the CEO and all stakeholders involved as a game changer on Oxford st for World Pride”

Thanks to all involved in the Pride Week Vinyl Hoarding, another fantastic project. 

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