Multiplex Jumpform and Hoardings

  • Date05 September 2022
  • Reading time 2 mins read

The Project

Multiplex approached Mesh Direct to get involved in their latest project in Sydney. They were building a new data centre for NEXTDC and required hoardings for the site. Multiplex is an existing client who we have worked in collaboration with on many projects in the past. We were excited to work with them on this particular project as it was going to be challenging and require collaborating closely.

The Challenge

It was a relatively complex project as the hoarding around the site was changing. What we built initially needed to be suitable and easy enough to swap out at a later point in Multiplex’s project. In addition, one of the sides of the site was on an extremely steep incline and required a product that was suitable to withstand this.

There were also several tight deadlines for the client and requirements changed as the project evolved. Mesh Direct had to be extremely agile and responsive throughout the process to work with short windows of time to get everything finalised.

The Product

A combination of different hoardings were required for this project. The project also involved two complex Jumpform Signages. All up, they included 26 large faces that needed to be placed. The largest size required was an impressive 30m x 7m (around 200 square metres). As you can imagine this was significant, not just in size, but also in weight. We used a 5.5 metre crane box for the installation and three experienced installers. The Jumpform was swapped out a couple of times, so required us to uninstall and reinstall different sizes as the client’s site evolved throughout their project.

The Result

The result was simple, a strong and visually attractive hoardings which surrounded the site. We were able to swap out the required Jumpform as needed and work to and deliver on tight deadlines in collaboration with our client Multiplex. Mesh Direct looks forward to continuing to work with them on more projects in the future.

Multiplex Jumpform 2

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