Merivale Poof Doof Crowd Control Barrier Banners

  • Date27 May 2022
  • Reading time 3 mins read

At the end of 2021, Mesh Direct partnered with Merivale to deliver signage for two of their most popular nightclubs in Melbourne and Sydney. Poof Doof is described as a dance club for ‘all colours of our rainbow and our allies’, celebrators of love without borders and all gender expressions. Merivale required Poof Doof branded crowd control banners for their two venues, which would act as both a barrier for guests and an opportunity to take advantage of the many eyes that would glance at the banners throughout the event.

The Challenge

The challenge we faced with this project was the looming deadline. Merivale required the signage in a short timeframe, so we did everything we could to deliver according to their requirements. Furthermore, printing and delivering orders is always tricky around Christmas time with public holidays and an increasingly congested post system. Unfortunately, once the signage for Merivale had been printed and lodged, one of the orders was misplaced in the Sydney Australia Post depot. This wasn’t ideal given the already tight timeframe, however, once we established it was not going to be delivered the team at Mesh Direct got right onto sending a replacement for Merivale.

The Product

There are a variety of products we could have used to meet the requirements of Merivale. The product we decided to use was our double-sided crowd control barrier banners. These banners are made from polyester mesh which is a lightweight material that is affordable and impactful. It’s quick to print, yet its print is still high-quality making it an ideal product to promote any brand or event. Being double sided also ensures that wherever the control barrier banners are placed, they’ll have an impact from all perspectives. The other great thing about the mesh polyester is that it’s slightly quicker and easier to install than its vinyl counterparts, so any events team member will be able to install the banners.

The Result

The double-sided crowd control barrier banners produced for Merivale arrived on time and looked great which were the key requirements for Merivale. They were able to host the Poof Doof with both strong branding and crowd control measures in place, ensuring it was a safe environment for all partygoers. Working with Merivale was a pleasure for our team at Mesh Direct and though one order was lost in the Sydney Australia Post depot, we were able to think quickly on our feet and deliver a solution.

To find out more about our crown control barrier banners or to discuss signage solutions for your business, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team here.

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