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  • Date27 April 2022
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MAX Build is one of Australia’s major players in remedial construction in strata. Specialising in high rise maintenance, remedial and heritage, defect rectification, adaptations and refurbishments, and re-cladding, you can imagine the ongoing signage requirements of MAX Build are extensive. Fortunately, we’ve established a great working relationship with MAX Build who we think to pull together some of the finest builds in the country, always slotting into the community and surrounding seamlessly with their designs and artwork. Mesh Direct were engaged by MAX Build on this occasion to assist with the installation of a mini building wrap for a building located in Freshwater Beach. 

The Challenge

The location where MAX Build needed their building wrap was a highly exposed pocket of beach just north of Manly. The team had to take into consideration Sydney’s sometimes unpredictable weather patterns and create a solution that would not only withstand these patterns but do it in an effective and impactful way. This means the wrap was likely to be challenged by strong winds and rain, over an extended period of time. Mesh Direct needed to produce something that was sturdy, resilient, weather-resistant and durable. And that is exactly what we did. 

The Product

Mesh Direct ended up printing two wraps. The wraps were printed with the beach-inspired artwork supplied by MAX Build which reflected its location perfectly. The wraps featured retaining straps within the signage with pockets top and bottom to insert scaffold poles for strapping straight to the scaffold. The sides were reinforced with additional eyelets and the correctly rated cable 110kg ties. 

MAX Build made the decision to install the wraps themselves. To ensure the utmost safety for their team, Mesh Direct produced a how-to video which was handed to MAX Build along with their new building wraps. This how-to video demonstrated how to install the wraps safely, with tips on how to resist the weather elements and make sure the wraps stayed put for the duration of the project.

The Result 

Our success can be measured by the resilience and durability of the wraps installed for MAX Build. We are proud to say that over the course of the project, the wraps didn’t come off. In fact, no wrap ever produced by Mesh Direct has ever come off which is a great indication of the quality of our work. At Mesh Direct, it doesn’t stop with the product. Safe installation and durability have been, and will always be, key components of our service offering. Mesh Direct went above and beyond to ensure the installation of MAX Build’s wraps was done with safety first while looking like an absolute treat.

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