GolfSpace Custom Fabric Walls

  • Date03 May 2022
  • Reading time 3 mins read

Golfspace is Australia’s finest indoor golf club. With some of the very same top-of-the-range technology that the world’s best golfers use, Golfspace is a place where golfers of every level can go and practice chipping and putting. When the team at Mesh Direct visited the warehouse space initially, it was completely empty. Although it was a blank canvas, it provided plenty of challenges along the way. The fit-out in Alexandria required careful consideration of what fabric to use, and how it would be installed. 

The Challenge

The space was to be the Golfspace Wedge Calibration Zone, a space featuring landing zone targets in 5-metre increments up to 30 metres. It’s where players are given the opportunity to find touch with their wedges and compete with other players for a spot on the GolfSpace leaderboard. The project wasn’t easy, but it was a challenge we were willing to take on. Our first obstacle was that the warehouse space offered nothing for our signage to be attached to which meant we needed to not only produce the signage but work out a solution to hang it too.  

The size was the next challenge – the length of the room was at least 30m while the height was around 7m. Producing signage of this size is no easy feat! The warehouse also had a raked ceiling which means it had an inclined ceiling where the roofline soared upwards to merge at a single point. The purpose of the raked ceiling is to make use of the unused space above and provide additional height to the overall space. Great for the end result, but not so great where installation is concerned! 

The Product

When looking at different options for Golfspace, we pondered. We needed something that was not only visually aesthetic to house exceptional Golfspace branding, but something that was practical. Importantly, the wall and the signage needed to absorb shock. For the concept to be successful, we needed the ball to drop straight down once it hit the wall. The final choice was a soft polyester fabric which successfully allowed the shock transfer between the wall and the ball to happen. The soft polyester also promised top-notch print quality and extremely detailed images of the brand. Given the high impact of the golf balls on the material, we decided the best way to produce the signage would be to do it in several custom-made smaller panels that were Velcroed together. This way, the signage would suit the angle of the ceiling and if any panel needed replacing, it could be without needing to replace the entire piece of fabric.  

The installation of the signage was the most challenging part, and we ended up speaking to the contractor who had put the raked ceilings up for some guidance on the best approach forward. The contractor had installed a perlan track which required our team to attach a sail track for the panels to slide in. With the assistance of the contractor, we were able to install the signage without hiccups and achieve an eye-catching and impactful result.  

The Result 

From the Wedge Calibration Zone to the club lounge, there’s no doubt Golfspace is an impressive space. The addition of the fabric panels by Mesh Direct is the icing on the cake, creating an on-brand, sleek and visually impressive look and feel. The choice to use soft polyester speaks for itself; the walls are durable and able to take the shock of golf balls hitting them. We are thrilled with the outcome of this project and look forward to working with Golfspace again. 

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