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  • Date23 June 2022
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In May 2022, Mesh Direct partnered with Fortis Development, one of Australia’s leading property developers. Fortis has a portfolio of premium residential and commercial projects currently underway across Sydney and Melbourne, partnering with architects, designers, project managers and builders to deliver projects that are truly one of a kind.

We clicked when we met the team at Fortis Development, sharing a vision for sustainable construction. It was clear from the beginning that sustainability was the driver of decisions at Fortis and that was something we wanted to be a part of.

The Challenge

Fortis Development have a team of creative individuals who harness the Fortis brand impeccably. When they approached our team at Mesh Direct, we knew we needed to provide signage that matched the high quality of their creative assets and strong brand identity. From the start, we were able to bring several solutions to the table and the rest, as they say, was history.

The major challenge we faced when working with Fortis Development on this project was understanding how the renders would sit up against steep hoarding. Rather than printing onto the hoarding itself, we chose to print the renders on Alupanel, a premium quality composite panel that would be attached to the hoarding. Early on during the planning phase, we had to establish where each render would site and ascertain its placement alongside multiple other renders. Maintaining a premium look and feel that reflected the high-quality work of Fortis was also an additional challenge.

The Product

There were various products used in this project, each carefully chosen to suit the requirements of Fortis Development.

We used vinyl hoarding which is one of our most popular products for urban areas, shopping centres and of course, residential developments. Vinyl is an ideal medium for timber hoardings on development sites of all sizes.

The renders were crafted with Alupanel, a product created from two aluminium sheets that co-extrude and sandwich a polyethylene core. This reliable product can be easily manipulated yet is rigid and UV resistant. We used Alupanel for screen and digital printing applications for its great durability. The renders were then inserted into 2D frames. 3D letters were then placed onto the hoarding followed by the installation of a lightbox which brought life to the site after dark.

Throughout the process, our team worked closely with Fortis Development’s designer and installer to ensure the placement of each product was perfectly positioned and reflected their vision for the site.

The Result

The signage received incredible praise from Fortis Development, who were thrilled with how their brand was represented through each element. Maintaining a premium look and feel, the team at Mesh Direct were successful in delivering high-quality hoarding, lifelike renders, clean-cut 3D letters and lighting. Every element came together seamlessly to create an incredibly memorable and impactful size.

To learn more about our signage solutions for construction sites, please contact one of our friendly team members today.

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