Deicorp Ceiling

  • Date26 September 2022
  • Reading time 3 mins read

The Project 

Deicorp is a Sydney-based property development and construction company who design, develop and manage real estate. They approached Mesh Direct about what would later result in being one of our favourite projects of 2021. Deicorp were hoping to replicate an indigenous piece of artwork on the ceiling of a student accommodation building in Redfern. The intention was to create something inspiring for students and not to mention the artwork was going to be big! 

The piece of artwork is named Galaxy Soffit and was created by Danny Eastwood, a local indigenous artist based in Sydney. Mesh Direct were lucky enough to meet with Danny in person to talk about his art and the inspiration behind Galaxy Soffit. 

The Challenge 

The main challenge we faced during this project was replicating the artwork. The original was hand painted with incredible detail and roughly only 200 x 60 cm in size. We needed to replicate that on a huge scale to cover the ceiling area of the building, which was around 40 x 20 metres.  The other challenge was placing the product on the concrete ceiling of the building which was over 5m high. Finally, it was fundamental to ensure the product would stay in place. Most of the product would be internal inside the building, however, some would span to the external. This meant the product we selected needed to withstand Sydney’s various weather conditions. We were still confident with what could be done and we worked in partnership with Luxe Walls on producing a durable product with a beautiful print reproduction.  

The Product 

A high quality Self-Adhesive Vinyl was used for this project. We also added a waterproof membrane to prevent any water leaks both internally and externally to ensure the longevity of the product. It was important to prepare the concrete before installation to ensure the SAV had a secure surface to stick to and again help its longevity. To ensure a quality print which did the original artwork justice, we used an extremely high resolution photo and an upscaling service which helped us to achieve this. 

Deicorp Self-Adhesive Vinyl 2

The Result

Photography and digital enhancement allowed the original artwork to be replicated on a grand scale. The end results were a highly detailed reproduction of the original artwork, and we think you’ll agree that it’s bold and beautiful! It’s over a year since the installation and the ceiling is still in pristine condition thanks to our Self-Adhesive Vinyl. No doubt it will be enjoyed by the students at Redfern for many more years to come.

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