Stainless Steel Eyelets vs Clear Plastic Eyelets: The Facts

When it comes to eyelets (grommets) there are a variety of materials, sizes and styles to choose from and each have their own pros and cons. Stainless steel versus clear plastic is often the main debate had when it comes to eyelets and whether there is even a large enough difference for it to matter … Continued

Safety Signs are Compulsory for Construction Sites Australia-wide.

Australia construction sites are expected to maintain a certain safety standard, there are no exceptions to the rules when it comes to safety in these types of conditions, where danger or even fatality could be just one wrong step away.  Before any construction is to take place there must be adequate signage displayed around the … Continued

Why a construction company should invest in outdoor signage

Construction Australia-wide is booming as of 2020, making it extremely important to have appropriate branded signage for your construction company, without it you’ll be losing potential clients and large scale jobs. Mesh fence signage, vinyl hoardings and billboards are all a part of creating a strong and diverse brand image. It only takes 13 milliseconds … Continued

Key Design Elements for a Construction Fence Banner

Get the most out of your printed banner mesh by making sure all the key design elements are executed correctly. Ultimately it comes down to three key features to having a successful construction fence banner; Text, Font and Colour. All of which play an equally important role in making sure your banner is a triumph. … Continued

Single Sided vs. Double Sided Mesh Printing

Most commonly you’ll find mesh banners being used in outdoor situations, such as; festivals, concerts and construction sites to name a few. Mesh banners allow sound and wind to pass through them making them perfect for such venues. Mesh banners are often utilised for their durability, size and colour compared to other materials. When it … Continued

How To Measure Your Fence

Learn how to measure your fence using the correct method.

Using Contrasting Colours In Your Banner Design

Learn what looks best when designing your banner.

Banners And Finishing Options For High Wind Areas

Learn what options you have when dealing with a high wind area.