Transform Your Drab Fencing with Our Nature Screens

  • Date22 August 2018
  • Reading time 2 mins read

We know that it can be difficult to choose the right design or branding for your construction site fencing. One option that takes the hassle out of designing your own artwork for your mesh is our nature screens. Vibrant and printed to perfection, there are a few key reasons as to why you should choose this next for your construction site fencing.


The nature screen can be placed on any fencing and you can choose either our standard banner mesh, or premium banner mesh to print on. Whilst standard banner mesh is slightly less vibrant for the print than our premium banner mesh, it is a more cost effective option. You can also select any nature design for your nature screen to make it truly unique for your construction site.


We use Supertuff nylon edges and metal eyelets for simple installation on any fence and to help your banner last for your project. We ensure that the nature screens are UV protected with the print inks we use, so that your banner mesh will endure the temperamental climate.

Customised design

Our inhouse graphic design team can help design your nature screen to make this a seamless process for you. If you want your branding placed amongst the design of the nature screen, then we can make that happen.

Hides your construction site

Whether you choose standard banner mesh or premium banner mesh, the nature screen will work well to hide your construction site. The vibrant print and the height of the nature screen at either 1.6m or 1.8m, depending on your construction site fencing, will ensure that any passerby cannot see beyond the nature screen.


Nature screens are just one of the many signage options we offer. For more information about any of our signage options, contact our team on 1300 368 978 or request a quote here.

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