Building Wraps

The grandest of them all.

Mesh Building Wrap for Gowings Building
Meriton Custom Printed Building Wrap
01 Product usage

Most often they are applied to scaffold at large-scale developments as a superb way to distract attention while buildings undergo construction or renovations. Ideal for:

  • Large-scale developments.
  • Construction industry (to conceal scaffolding, building renovations and construction).
02 Product Benefits

This is a fantastic substrate for creating something impressive which will grab the attention of passersby. There is no limit to the size and scale of your building wrap.

How Much Do Building Wraps Cost?

The cost of a building wrap will depend on a number of factors such as size and complexity. For an accurate price, request a quote from our expert sales team.

How Are Building Wraps Made?

Building wraps are usually made by high quality banner mesh with a superior print quality. They are usually printed in panels and then joined together by welding the panels together.

What Are Building Wraps?

Building wraps are made from printed wind-resistant PVC banner mesh which is large enough to partially or entirely wrap a building. They are most commonly applied to the scaffold at large-scale developments as a superb way to distract attention while buildings undergo construction or renovation. They are a fantastic way of creating an impressive on-site branding solution to passersby. Find out more here.

Technical info
Suitability for High Winds
Print Quality
Top Rated print quality

Top-notch quality.

High print reproduction. Similar to our premium mesh substrate, building wraps provide a great print surface.

Signage Suitable for windy conditions

Weather-resistant, always.

Like all of our products, it’s built to withstand the elements.

Easy Signage Installation

Flame retardant.

Comes flame retardant as standard. Under the new legislation, building wraps must meet strict flame retardancy criteria. Rest assured that our product is tried and tested and meets all standards.

Meets Australian building standards

Meet all Australian building standards.

As always, our products meet Australian building standards, laws and regulations. Meaning you don’t need to worry.

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