Xperience: Luna Park TikTok Event

  • Date 28 December 2021
  • Reading time 2 mins read

Xperience Media are an exciting team of B2B event specialists who are experts at generating audience engagement and, most importantly, fun. In their hands, any event becomes an immersive experience that will have people buzzing for weeks. They were also super exciting to work with! Xperience approached us in December 2021 for some unique branding solutions at their TikTok event, and our wonderful team of designers and installers delivered top-notch results – as always.


The Challenge

Xperience wanted to brand a shipping container for their TikTok event in Luna Park. Straightforward? Not really! The corrugation of the container itself meant some clever designing, printing, and installing needed to take place so that the graphics could flow seamlessly across the surface. What’s more, the container would only be on display for a few hours, so the install and removal of the graphics had to be quick and snappy.


The Product

We chose to use our trusty self-adhesive vinyl (SAV) to face this challenge. Our SAV is flexible enough to contour the corrugation of the container, so that, if the graphics are printed correctly, everything looks great! We also used a shiny silver vinyl on the container’s interior, creating a gorgeous reflective finish.

SAV is also super easy to install, so it’s perfect for these quick turnaround events that keep us all on our toes! What’s more, it’s highly durable and weather-resistant (or party-resistant!), with unbeatable print quality. The graphics stay bright and vibrant, bringing the party straight to you!


The Result

We’re so pleased with how this turned out. The decorative SAV worked perfectly to create an on-brand, fun-filled and immersive experience. It provided a fantastic backdrop for an event that was jam-packed with exciting up-and-coming internet stars, and it resulted in a truly unique display. Xperience were delighted with the result as well, stating that “the container brought a real branded presence to the event.” Here’s to more fun and exciting collaborations!


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