Signage For The Future: Carbon Neutral Signage.

Introducing Australia’s first carbon neutral signage company. At Mesh Direct, we always go the extra mile, constantly seeking to adapt and adjust our processes to offer you the best in signage. From the products and services available for our clients to the ways we work with our partners and engage our team members, we’re always … Continued

The game-changer is here: AdScaff™ Branded Containment Mesh

Introducing AdScaff™ Branded Containment Mesh. It’s an exciting time for the building & development landscape at the moment, with many exciting projects in the pipeline & on the horizon. Needless to say, we are all looking at a very big year ahead. With big projects comes big competition. While we are on the topic of … Continued

Setting up your fence for banner mesh signage

Designing a banner for your company before placing an order is an extremely important first step, but once it arrives how do you go about setting it up correctly? That is exactly the question we plan on answering in this article. It’s always imperative to display your banner in the most effective way possible so … Continued

Freestanding Flags: The Endless Possibilities.

Moving material is always more attention-grabbing than static signs, making free-standing flags the next level option when it comes to your next advertisement. First off, it’s important to know that there are a multitude of different flag designs you can choose from, such as; teardrop, rectangular, feather and tower to name a few. All of … Continued

5 must have signs for your event

Down Under, we are quite lucky to already be seeing events and larger gatherings starting to return as restrictions begin to ease.  2020 was a year that will not soon be forgotten due to the lack of events and gatherings taking place. So heading into 2021 we can only hope things continue to improve and … Continued

Events are back! How to ensure successful event signage.

It has certainly been a rollercoaster of a year in the event space. However, the fact remains that events are back in some shape or form and soon enough will be back in full swing. The secret to ensuring your event is safe, secure & successful is consistent signage displayed around your venue So let’s … Continued

CMYK vs RGB: Why do artwork files need to be set up in CMYK and not RGB?

If you’re reading this I’m sure you’ve heard of both CMYK and RGB before, however you might not know the which is better when it comes to printing, CMYK vs RGB? Whether you’re a designer or getting something designed for you, it’s important to know how these two modes differ from each other. CMYK stands … Continued

What is Pantone and the Pantone Matching System (PMS)?

What is Pantone? First off I think it’s best to briefly describe to you what Pantone is. Pantone (meaning “all colours”) is a universal language of colour, more than 10 million designers and producers rely on the Pantone colour system worldwide, it’s a way in which two companies or individuals from opposite sides of the … Continued

2020 Wrap Up: The Best of the Best

Mesh Direct has worked with some amazing people on some amazing projects over the last 12 months. There are too many high points to mention here, but after many building wraps and hundreds of kilometres of vinyl banners and banner mesh, here is a wrap up of some of the highlights from 2020.  The year … Continued

Mesh banner Vs. Vinyl Banner, Which Is Better?

Selecting the correct type of advertising and promotional tools for your business can be a tricky but also crucial task. When deciding on the type of signage you’ll use for your promotional event or advertising campaign, you always want to choose based on function, durability and of course ease of customization.  As you look around … Continued